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Organic Ghee 300g (Pukka)

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Organic Clarified Butter - 100% Pure Ghee

  • Ghee is now considered healthy!
  • Made from fresh organic cows milk.
  • Lactose free, vegetarian friendly.
  • High smoke point.
  • Use in place of oil or normal butter.
For a long time, ghee was considered unhealthy, but recent evidence from research has shown that the fats in ghee are actually "good" fats. This doesn't mean that you should go bananas and suddenly smother everything in ghee, but rather that switching to ghee from vegetable oil, for example, can lead to health benefits!

Ghee does not have the milk solids found in butter, so has a very high smoke point and is suitable for almost all frying. Ghee is rich in medium-chain fats and in this sense is similar to coconut oil, another "healthy" fat. Use ghee in curries or as a general cooking oil.

Ghee is pure butterfat and does not contain the milk solids of normal butter. It is these milk solids than can cause odours and flavour issues when frying or roasting with conventional butter.

Ghee will fry and roast your food cleanly without burning as it has a high smoke point. It offers a rich, sweet and nutty flavour making it ideal for a variety of cooking methods including roasting, sauteeing and frying.

Clarified butter is also useful for those who cannot tolerate Lactose or Casein as it does not contain either. This is a versatile and flavoursome cooking fat.

This clarified butter also contain 1.7g of Omega-9 per 10g serving.

Organic Ghee from cows milk. Produce of the EU.

Refrigerate after opening. This is a natural product so some variations in colour may occur.

Nutritional Information
Typical ValuesPer 100gPer 10g Serving
_of which sugars<0.1g<0.01g
_of which saturates66.3g6.6g
_of which mono-unsaturates21.3g2.1g
-of which polyunsaturates2.2g0.2g
Allergy Info & Warnings

Organic • Vegetarian.

Ghee shelf

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