Dried Apricots: Nutritional Information

General Information

Dried Apricots are a popular health food, and are generally eaten as a snack. They are filling and high in fibre, and an excellent alternative to unhealthy snacks such as chocolate or crisps.

It's important to note that dried apricots come in two forms. The most familiar form - the bright orange type - actually contain a preservative, sulphur dioxide. We do not sell these types of apricots at Healthy Supplies, because we believe that the sulphur is unnecessary.

Sulphured Apricots

The type of dried apricot on the left - the bright orange type - contains sulphur dioxide (E220). This is added because it prevents oxidization of the pigments within the fruit. This oxidization can cause the apricots to become dark in colour. However, from a nutritional perspective, this sulphur dioxide is completely unnecessary.

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Unsulphured Apricots

Unsulphured dried apricots are naturally dark in colour, because no preservatives are used to keep the apricots looking bright and orange. The drying process is preservative in itself, and the apricots are nutritionally identical to the sulphured type - except without the additives.

These are 100% pure dried apricot.

These naturally dark apricots are also tastier. The oxidization of the pigments in the skin also helps to create natural tannins, which impart a deeper, more apricoty flavour.

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General Nutritional value of Dried Apricots

The typical nutritional values of dried apricots is as follows:
Typical Valuesper 100g
Energy348 calories
Of which natural sugars58g
of which saturatesLess than 0.1g
SodiumLess than 0.02g
Iron5.18mg (27% of RDA)
Vitamin A797mg (59% of RDA)

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