Chocolate and Carob Spreads

RRP was: £4.79
RRP was: £3.42
Dairy-free chocolate spread, sweetened with honey. Made with roasted hazelnuts and coconut.
Dairy-free chocolate spread, sweetened with honey. Made with roasted peanuts and coconut.
RRP was: £3.66
Smooth Organic Chocolate Spread
A dark chocolate spread. No bitter after taste.
RRP was: £4.26
Smooth & creamy chocolate spread
Chocolate mixed with hazelnuts. Use as a filling for cakes as well as a topping for your toast.
RRP was: £4.76
A chocolatey style spread
Caffeine and Theobromine Free. A dark, richly flavoured sweet paste. Ideal for breakfast or for use in sweet recipes.
RRP was: £4.96
3-ingredient Chocolate Spread
This organic chocolate spread is made with whole coconut flesh, finely milled and blended with coconut syrup and raw cacao powder.
RRP was: £8.99
RRP was: £6.15
Raw Cocoa with Raw Almonds, Brazil nuts and Agave Nectar.
Contains no added sugar or salt.

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