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Organic Chestnut Puree

RRP was: £4.25
Price: £3.95
Product Code: CTPR1

Organic Chestnut Puree, Unsweetened 300g (Organico)

£3.95    Product Code: CTPR1
RRP was: £4.25

Chestnut Puree. Organic.

  • Use as a filling for cakes, cheesecakes or tarts.
  • No added sugar and no additives
  • Useful to add moisture to gluten-free baking recipes.
  • Smooth puree ideal for adding to pastries and puddings.
This chestnut puree is made from organically grown chestnuts from the Ardeche region of France. This part of France is famous for its ancient chestnut groves and thus a premium tasting puree is produced. The chestnuts are shelled by hand and then cooked.

This puree is unadulterated, pure chestnut puree with no sugar or salt added. Try mixing with cocoa powder and agave nectar for a healthy, but sweet cake or cheesecake style filling.

Recipe Suggestion

  Mocha Butterfly Cakes (Gluten-free)
'Butterfly' Fairy Cakes with a chestnut puree icing.


Organically grown chestnuts (70%), Water. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

OrganicVegetarian, Vegan.

RRP was: £4.25

Price: £3.95
Product Code: CTPR1

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