Celestial Seasonings Tea

Warming & Sweet Chai Spices

A herbal infusion of cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, chicory and carob.

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Calming & Uplifting Ingredients

Contains comforting eleuthero, along with Peppermint, Catnip, Ginger and Lemon.

Relaxing and Calming Tea for Restful Sleep

This caffeine free herbal tea is light and refreshing. Noticeable flavours and aromas include Spearmint, a subtle fruitiness and floral tones.

Relaxing and Calming Tea for Restful Sleep - Added Valerian

This caffeine free herbal blend has the same refreshing ingredients as the Original Sleepytime Tea, with added Valerian, to help to unwind before bed.

Great Hot or Iced!

A bright tea that's perfect in any weather!

Caffeine Free

This blend combines the tart and juicy flavour of mandarin oranges with aromatic spices like cloves and coriander.

Organic Ginger & Turmeric Tea

Rooted in taste and fragrance – lively ginger gives this blend a spicy kick while golden turmeric brings a grounding balance of warmth and a rich aroma.

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