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Canned Vegetables

100% Pure Pumpkin
No added salt or sugar. Ready-cooked. Naturally sweet, a low calorie ingredient for pies, cakes and soups.
Cooked Organic Chick Peas in Water
Convenient for making falafel, tagines, houmous or in curries.
Cooked Organic Kidney Beans in Water
Organic kidney beans. Use in salads or Mexican chilli.
Organic cooked Pinto Beans
Ready to make into refried beans or add to soups.
Organic cooked green lentils
Popular in Indian dishes and ideal for salads and vegetarian recipes.
Vacuum packed organic sweetcorn, no sugar added.
Organic tomatoes, ready chopped
Organic chopped tomatoes. Ideal for Italian food such as Bolognese sauces, as well as casseroles and curries.
Organic Plum Tomatoes
These whole plum tomatoes have a rich flavour and are suitable for a wide variety of Italian dishes.
Cooked, organic aduki beans ~ ready-to-eat.
Cooked, organic Cannellini beans ~ ready-to-eat.
These ready cooked mixed beans contain Cannellini beans.
Cooked, organic black turtle beans ~ ready-to-eat.
Cooked, organic haricot beans ~ ready-to-eat.
Young green soy beans.
Chunks of potato cooked with onion, tomato and a blend of aromatic spices.
Special Offer: Was: £1.29
Special Offer: Was: £1.29
Special Offer: Was: £1.29

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Mix of kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, white beans, chickpeas, soya beans and lentils.

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Chick Peas in Water, Organic 400g (Biona)

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