Yushoi are a range of healthy Japanese-inspired snacks by popular snack producer Calbee. Calbee have been harvesting the power of nature since 1949, to bring their customers pure, nourishing and natural snacks. Yushoi are a range of savoury snacks that harness the goodness of vegetables.


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Olympian Green Olives, Organic 300g (Gaea)
Quinoa Chips with Sundried Tomato & Roasted Garlic 30g (Eat Real)
Corn Flakes, Organic 375 g (Whole Earth)
Chinese 5-Spice 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Hummus Chips with Chilli & Lemon 45g (Eat Real)
Corn Flakes 375g (Lima)
Kaffir Lime Leaves 10g (Hampshire Foods)
Pecan Nut Butter, Organic & Raw 170g (Carley's)