Biodegradable Allergy Eyelid Wipes 20 Wipes (The Eye Doctor)

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Biodegradable Hay Fever Relief Eyelid Wipes

The Eye Doctor Hay Fever Relief Eyelid Wipes are designed to gently remove pollen particles and airborne allergens from the eyelids and eyelashes. Pre-soaked with a gentle, sterile formula, these wipes will help ease watery, itchy eyes that are triggered by seasonal allergies, dust and pet allergens.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and can also be used on the face, hands and nose.

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  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Preservative + Detergent Free
  • Sterile
  • Soothing + cooling
  • Gently cleans and removes pollen particles
  • Eases itchy, watery eyes
  • Suitable for sensitive Eyes


0.9% Sodium Chloride solution.
For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Price: 3.75
Product Code: TYD03

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