Montezumas was founded in 2000 in Brighton. They have been crafting beautiful homemade chocolates and chocolate gifts ever since. We stock a wide range of their bars, nibbles and gift sets. They make a great snack and an ideal gift for any occasion!

Chocolate Bars

RRP was: £2.59
RRP was: £2.59
Rich milk chocolate, made from Peruvian cocoa with cooling mint crunchies.
RRP was: £2.75
Dark chocolate bar with juicy lime and a dash of sea salt.
RRP was: £2.59
Dark chocolate with pieces of Chinese dragon ginger.
RRP was: £2.59
Dark chocolate made with Peruvian cocoa, scattered with cocoa nibs for an added kick.
RRP was: £2.59
Dark chocolate with organic ground chilli.
RRP was: £2.59
Dark organic chocolate with orange & geranium oil.
Creamy, organic, white chocolate with ground vanilla.
Slightly dark, milk chocolate with 51% cocoa.
Snack sized, very dark chocolate bar.


RRP was: £3.99
Organic, dark chocolate buttons delicately flavoured with vanilla.

Truffles & Gift Sets


Drinking Chocolate

RRP was: £7.99
Chocolate shots made from organic dark chocolate.

Seasonal Range


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