Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler (Inhalo)
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Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler (Inhalo)

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nHalo Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler Pocket Size

InHalo Dry Salt Bronchial Inhaler is the natural and safe way to help your respiratory system fight against allergens and irritants. Since ancient times, rock salt has been used to ease the symptoms of respiratory ailments such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory discomforts. Salt mine and salt chamber therapy (also known as Halo Therapy) has been popular in Europe for many years.
The Inhalo DSI Salt Bronchial Inhaler uses selected therapeutic grade materials in natural form that are harvested from the famous Praid salt mine in Romania. The 5 grams of natural, unprocessed rock salt crystals are sealed in a medical grade plastic container that features a one-way safety valve to prevent salt contamination.
To use, simply remove the cap and inhale from the device as you would normally take a breath in through the mouth. You then must exhale through your nose keeping your mouth closed. You should do this for 15 20 minutes each day or divide the use into three sessions lasting 7 10 minutes each to get the optimum effects from your Inhalo DSI Salt Bronchial Inhaler.
  • Salt inhalation therapy naturally aids breathing
  • Easy and effective
  • Class 1 medical device
  • 100% drug free and safe
  • Quick, easy to use.

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Remove the cap from the device. Breathe from the device with normal intensity. After each instance of inhaling, remove the inhaler from your lips, close your mouth and exhale through your nose. Exhaling through the nose will result in achieving the appropriate therapeutic effect. Use the inhaler for 15 to 20 minutes without interruption, or divide the period of use into three parts of 7 to 10 minutes every day. Use it continuously for 21 days. Put the cap back on after each use.

Price: 14.99
Product Code: NHL01

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