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Price: £8.50
Product Code: AUD01

Allergy & Sinus Relief 50ml (Audisol)

Price: £8.50
Product Code: AUD01

Allergy & Sinus Relief Nasal Spray

  • Non medicated, deep penetrating, nasal irrigation spray.
  • Micro-Mist technology.
  • 50ml bottle.

Directions: Hold the Klear Plus aerosol can at any angle and gently insert the nozzle into each nostril one at a time, press 1-2 seconds to spray the solution inside the nose.

The use of the same can of Klear Plus nasal spray by more than one person may spread infections, so clean the nozzle in soapy water and rinse with hot water after each use.

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Price: £8.50
Product Code: AUD01

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