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Baking & Flavourings 


Interesting & inspiring flours for baking and cooking.

At Healthy Supplies, we provide a large range of exciting and useful flours for both sweet and savoury cooking and baking. Those of you who eat a gluten free diet should be pleased!

Baking & Cooking Agents

Agents to help raise, thicken and bind.

Yeast and gluten free baking agents that help to raise and retain moisture. Of course we also provide baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, vitamin C, pectin, xanthum gum, agar, and arrowroot.

Sweeteners, Syrups & Honey

Syrups and fruit sugars.

A range of syrups and fruit sugars including xylitol granules, manuka honey, date syrup, fructose, maple syrup and agave nectar.

Sweet Ingredients

This includes, Cocoa, Carob Powder, Vanilla, Almonds (ground & flakes), Cinnamon, Coconut & Flower Extracts; Ingredients for making cakes, puddings and sweet breads.


Add some extra fibre.

Unprocessed whole grains can be added to your baking to make the recipe more interesting. They're also perfect for making flapjacks!

Extracts & Essences

Extracts of vanilla, chocolate, almond, orange and other natural extracts, as well rose water, orange flower water and essential oils for cooking including rose otto and lemon.

Natural Colouring

Colour from Nature

Why do we create artificial chemical colourings when nature has them ready made? Natural colourings are great to use in savoury and sweet baking and cooking.

Savoury Baking Ingredients

For crusty rolls and flat breads, try adding ingredients such as; sun dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, herbs, seeds and spices.

Dried Fruit

Concentrated fruitiness. Either excellent healthy snacks, or add to muesli or cake baking.

Dried Fruit is great, and we do comprehensive selection. We have highlighted the ones that we think are the most tasty and healthy.


Add crunch & depth to your recipes.

Nuts can be chopped and mixed in, sprinkled on top, or ground into a flour or paste, adding flavour, depth and colouration to bread or cake mixtures. Popular baking nuts are almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts and Brazils.


Value packs of seeds.

Seeds in various pack sizes including kilo packs: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and more.

Bread & Cake Binding Ingredients

Ingredients for making bread and cakes stick together.

Yeast & Raising Agents

Yeast, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

Nut Powders

Ground almonds, hazelnuts and coconut - for baking and more.

Chopped Nuts and Nut Pieces

Chopped and broken nuts for baking.

Chocolate-Making Ingredients

Ingredients for chocolatiers.

Bread Mixes

Flour blends specifically for bread-making.


Vanilla pods, extract, powder and paste.

Baking & Flour-based Recipes

Fun with Flours, Flavourings, Fruit & Fillings

What have we been baking? Here are ideas for pasties, pancakes, breads and cakes, made using various wholegrain flours, nothing artificial, and healthy alternatives to using butter and sugar. We use only the pure ingredients sold at Healthy Supplies and have even tried out gluten free and dairy free recipes.

Main Page  >  Baking And Flavourings


Infinity Foods (15)
Sussex Wholefoods (13)
Doves Farm (10)
NHR (7)
Healthy Supplies (6)
Hampshire Foods (6)
Marriages (4)
Nielsen Massey (4)
TRS (3)
Steenbergs (3)
Bob's Red Mill (3)
Just Wholefoods (2)
Orgran (2)
Borwick's (2)
Clearspring (2)
Little Pod (1)
Littlepod (1)
Bob's Redmill (1)
Amisa (1)
Brown & Polson (1)
Tiana (1)
Prewetts (1)
Tree of Life (1)
Choc Chick (1)
Glebe Farm (1)
Barkat (1)
Bread Matters (1)
Certo (1)


Organic (42)
Gluten-Free (18)
Dairy-Free (87)
Vegan (87)


Baking & Cooking Agents (25)
Wholegrains (17)
Extracts and Essences (15)
Thickening & Gelling Agents (12)
Bread Mixes and Bread Flours (12)
Gluten Free Agents (12)
Yeast & Raising Agents (11)
Thickening & Setting Agents (11)
Specific Purpose Flour (11)
Make Your Own Food Hamper (10)
Infinity Foods Grains & Cereals (10)
Dessert Thickening Ingredients (10)
Doves Farm (10)
Bread Flours (9)
Oats & Oat Bran (8)
Gluten-Free Flour (8)
Nut Powders (8)
Chopped Nuts and Nut Pieces (8)
Gluten-Free Bread Mixes (7)
Christmas Dinner (7)
Thickening & (7)
Oil (7)
Essential Oils For Flavouring (7)
Create Your Own Smoothie (7)
Almonds (7)
Wheat Flour (6)
Sussex Wholefoods Nuts & Seeds (6)
Doves Farm Flour (6)
Doves Farm Agents (5)
Healthy Supplies Nuts (5)
Vanilla (5)
Citrus Fruit (5)
Sale and Special Offers (4)
Vegetable Powders (4)
Bread & Cake Binding Ingredients (4)
Coconut Flour (4)
Coconut Flakes and Pieces (4)
Coconut (4)
Bobs Red Mill (4)
Yeast & (4)
Guide To Baking Aids (4)
Nielsen Massey Extracts (4)
Sussex Wholefoods Nuts & (4)
Porridge (4)
Rolled Oats (4)
Powdered Wholegrains for Making Muesli (4)
Oat Flour & Oat Meal (3)
Bread & (3)
Basil (3)
Infinity Foods Nuts (3)
Spelt (3)
Barley (3)
Cereal Flakes (3)
Coconut Powder (3)
Christmas Fruits & Nuts (3)
Sussex Wholefoods Cereals (3)
Sussex Wholefoods Fruit (3)
Wheat (2)
Pancake Ingredients (2)
Guide To Culinary Essential Oils (2)
Plain Flour (2)
Tukmaria (2)
Natural Colourings (2)
Infinity Foods Flour (2)
Corn & Maize Flour (2)
Self-Raising Flour (2)
Desiccated Coconut (2)
Oat Bran (2)
Oat Flour & (2)
Clearspring Cooking Agents (2)
Arrowroot (2)
Yeast (2)
Flour (2)
Bran (2)
Sorghum Flour (1)
An Introduction To Fermented Foods (1)
Tapioca (1)
Pure Flours A-Z (1)
Kamut (1)
Barkat (1)
Corn & Maize (1)
Amisa (1)
Tapioca Flour (Tapioca Starch) (1)
Healthy Supplies Value Range (1)
Vegetarian & Vegan Options (1)
Italian Herbs (1)
Savoury Baking Ingredients (1)
Hazelnuts (1)
Beetroot (1)
Milk Alternatives (1)
Infinity Foods Dried Fruit (1)
Walnuts (1)
Hazelnut Flour (1)
CHOC Chick (1)
Vegetarian & (1)
Tiger Nuts (1)
Tigernuts (1)
How To Use Desiccated Coconut (1)
The Dukan Diet and Oat Bran (1)
Whole Oats (1)
Cashew Nuts (1)
Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet Range (1)
Mint (1)
Ginger (1)
Glebe Farm (1)
Cooking With Coconut (1)
Tiana (1)
Sussex Wholefoods Baking/Cooking Agents (1)
Agar-Agar (1)
Rye (1)
Chocolate-Making Ingredients (1)
Sprouting Kits & Seeds (1)
Healthy Supplies are the health food specialists.

We test everything in our extensive range to ensure that our food is:
We have a no-nonsense approach to nutrition - believing in simple, high‑quality ingredients with no gimmicks.

Based in Sussex, we deliver throughout the UK and internationally.

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