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Vegetables A - Z

Beans, Lentils & Peas

Pulses are a nutritious, high protein, high fibre, low fat staple food. Better still, they cost very little and store well in dried form (perfect for when times are hard). Pulses can be cooked from dry, made into flour and some can be sprouted (i.e bean sprouts). They make a filling and satisfying addition to: curries, soups, stews, chilli dishes, pie fillings, burgers, salads and cous cous.

Popular pulses: Aduki beans, Soya beans, French lentils, Black Turtle beans, Mung beans and Chick peas.


Beetroot is a naturally very sweet, reddish purple root vegetable. It is rich in magnesium, Iron and antioxidants like Beta-carotene. Beetroot contains virtually no fat or calories. It can be dried, boiled, pickled and juiced.

We supply beetroot crisps, snacks, juice and seeds to sprout.


Carrots are a good source of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins. They have a sweet flavour and are eaten as part of a substantial meal. At Healthy Supplies we offer lots of carrot products, including carrot crisps, carrot powder and carrot soup.


Kale powder and kale chips.


Mushrooms add flavour and texture to a dish. They are soft and yet have something to chew on. Mushrooms are quite meaty in flavour, particularly when dried. We sell dried mushrooms which re-hydrate fully in water, and mushrooms in jars. Available mushrooms: Shiitake, Porcini, Oyster, Chantarelle and Maitake.


Green, black, big, small, stuffed and seasoned - Take a look at our selection of large succulent and full flavoured olives. These are perfect for nibbling before a meal or to have as part of Spanish Tapas or Greek Mezze.


Subtly sweet and zingy, onion is a popular ingredient is so many savoury recipes. It is related to chives, garlic and spring onion and is available here in pure, dried form.

Pepper (Sweet Pepper)

Bell peppers are naturally quite sweet and have no heat like chilli peppers do. Bell peppers are used in Mediterranean, Oriental and Middle Eastern cuisine but add flavour to most savoury meals. This is the sort of pepper chopped into salads, or stuffed with rice or cous cous, or used to make salsa, soup, bolognese sauce and paella.


Finely chopped cabbage that has been fermented with juniper berries and a dash of sea salt.


Seaweed (aka: sea vegetables or sea salad leaves) are a very nutritious, containing fibre, protein, iodine, calcium and magnesium. Like a leafy green, it can be used as you would spinach or cabbage.

Seaweed can be added to soups, stir fries and stews. It is often chopped up and added to flour for pasta, noodles and bread. Seaweed is used in sushi (where Nori strips are wrapped around rice and other ingredients to make bite sized food).


Soya is particularly useful for vegetarians, as it is very versatile and high in protein. This means that it can be used to create things like soy mince and soya chunks.


The savoury fruit. Sun dried tomatoes are the perfect topping for salads, pasta, pizza or risotto. They have a rich concentrated tomato flavour. We sell dry tomatoes (non-jarred) and organic tomato puree at great value.

Yacon Root

A Sweet Peruvian Root Vegetable

This Peruvian specialty is now available again in the UK as pure flakes and syrup.

Vegetable Categories

Vegetable & Fruit Powders

Natural powdered vegetables are completely pure (containing no added preservatives) and have several uses. They are a great way to colour food naturally and some add flavour also. Some powders can be used to thicken sauces or can be mixed in with flour whilst baking. You could even make smoothies and add vegetable powder for added colour, flavour and some extra nutritional qualities.

Cans of Vegetables

Tinned vegetables and pulses are very convenient cupboard ingredients. From chopped tomatoes to kidney beans, these are all cooked and ready to add to your dish.

Dried Pulses

From aduki beans to yellow split peas

Vegetable Crisps

The Snapz range and Sussex Wholefoods range of vegetable crisps are crunchy and taste delicious. They are not fried or baked! Just 100% vegetable with no fat!

Dried & Instant Everyday Vegetables

Light and easy to use

Convenient and easy to store vegetables that are easy to store. Our freeze-dried and de-hydrated vegetables include potato, leek, peas and sweetcorn which have no added salt or preservatives.

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

Meat alternatives and other vegetarian and vegan options.

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