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Breakfast Cereals 

Main Categories

Flaked Cereals

Many of the cereals and grains come in a flaked form including the familiar rolled oats as well as less well known gluten-free flakes such as quinoa and millet.

Puffed Cereals

There is now a wider variety of puffed cereals available many of which are Gluten Free.These are useful for adding variety to your muesli as well as fibre and minerals.


Ready-made healthy muesli & all you need to make your own!


Ready-made granolas with mix of fruits, nuts, seeds and wholegrain cereals.


As well as being a great breakfast, some of our instant porridges make an ideal snack. We also supply bulk porridge oats.


Bran-based products including oat bran, wheat bran and bran sticks.

Breakfast Recipes & Suggestions

Cereal Combos & Toast Toppings

We have puffed, flaked and ground cereals, including amaranth millet and spelt to add to our selection of dried fruit, nuts and seeds for muesli and porridge combinations. Jams and fruit puree are lovely spread on toast or muesli crackers.

Top Brands

Alara Cereals

Muesli blends.

Including gluten-free muesli and luxury muesli full of nuts, seeds, fruit and multi-grains.

Big Oz

Gluten-Free Cereals.

Breakfast cereals including rice puffs, buckwheat flakes, milet flakes, quinoa flakes and corn puffs.

Bob's Red Mill


Bob's Red Mill is a range of gluten free cereals and flour products.

Biona Cereals & Grains

A delicious range of organic breakfast grains and cereals.

Infinity Foods Muesli & Breakfast Cereals

A range of organic muesli options including gluten-free.

Paleo Food Company

The Paleo Food Company creates a delicious and grain-free range of Granola. Made from a tasty combination of nuts, fruits and seeds, these cereals are a great source of nutrients and protein!

Rude Health

Rude Health only use the kind of ingredients that you would have in your own kitchen - nothing artificial, nothing refined. They source their ingredients from fields, orchards and vines - not laboratories.

Sussex Wholefoods Cereals

A range of excellent-value, simple cereals in kilo packs. Many organic options.

Out-of-stock items...

The following items are temporarily unavailable, but due back in stock soon!

One Degree Organic Foods

This product is currently unavailable.
A delicious range of sprouted breakfast cereals! All these cereals are veganic, meaning they are cultivated without animal-based fertilizers.

Main Page  >  Grains, Cereals & Flour  >  Breakfast Cereals


Rude Health (38)
Sussex Wholefoods (15)
Alara (13)
Big Oz (13)
Bob's Red Mill (12)
Amisa (11)
Infinity Foods (11)
Bakery on Main (7)
Biona (7)
Iswari (6)
Lizi's (6)
Superfoodies (3)
The Paleo Foods Co. (3)
Raw Gorilla (3)
Healthy Supplies (3)
Primrose's Kitchen (3)
Whole Earth (3)
Clearspring (3)
Glebe Farm (2)
Jordans (2)
Bob's Redmill (1)
Lima (1)
Oat puffs Box (1)
Prewetts (1)
Allos (1)
Biofair (1)
Nature's Path (1)
Infinity (1)


Organic (100)
Gluten-Free (73)
Dairy-Free (99)
Vegan (98)


Granola (40)
Rude Health (39)
Gluten-Free Muesli & Porridge (35)
Porridge (32)
The Big Cereal Sale (29)
Muesli (27)
Cereal Flakes (22)
Oats & Oat Bran (21)
Puffed Cereals (14)
Big Oz (13)
Bobs Red Mill (13)
Alara (13)
Sussex Wholefoods Cereals (13)
Wholegrains (11)
Amisa (11)
Rolled Oats (9)
Gluten-Free Oats (8)
Bakery On Main (7)
Wheat (7)
Biona Cereals and Grains (7)
Iswari (6)
Lizi's Granola (6)
Milk Alternatives (6)
Corn Cereals (6)
Infinity Foods Muesli & Breakfast Cereals (6)
Spelt (6)
Sale and Special Offers (6)
Bran (6)
Buckwheat (5)
Oat Flour & Oat Meal (5)
Oat Flour & (5)
Millet (5)
Nut Milk (4)
Biscuits & Cakes (4)
Oat Bran (4)
Flaked & Puffed Quinoa (4)
Sprouted Foods (4)
Infinity Foods Grains & Cereals (4)
Paleo Food Company (3)
Raw Gorilla (3)
Dessert Thickening Ingredients (3)
Create Your Own Smoothie (3)
Amazake (3)
Gluten-Free Flour (3)
Rude Health Snack Bars (3)
Gluten Free Crispbread (3)
Rice (3)
Healthy Supplies Rice Grains (3)
Corn & Maize (3)
Whole Earth (3)
Primrose's Kitchen (3)
Glebe Farm (2)
Sussex Wholefoods Flours (2)
Corn Based Snacks (2)
Cranberries (2)
Wheat Flour (2)
Quinoa (2)
The Dukan Diet and Oat Bran (2)
Almonds (2)
Amaranth (2)
Baking & Cooking Agents (2)
Teff (1)
Teff Flour (1)
Pure Flours A-Z (1)
Sorghum Flour (1)
Spelt Flour (1)
Buckwheat Flour (1)
Chickpea Flour (1)
Specific Purpose Flour (1)
Bread & Cake Binding Ingredients (1)
Bread & (1)
Guide To Baking Aids (1)
Millet Flour (1)
Hemp Seeds (1)
Flour (1)
Goji Berries (1)
Barley (1)
Powdered Wholegrains for Making Muesli (1)
Brazil Nuts (1)
Yeast & Raising Agents (1)
Rye (1)
Yeast & (1)
Whole Oats (1)
Healthy Supplies Value Range (1)
Bread Flours (1)
Bread Mixes and Bread Flours (1)
Wholegrain Crispbreads And Crackers (1)
Hazelnuts (1)
Coconut (1)
Coconut Milk (1)
Gluten-Free Bread Mixes (1)
Healthy Supplies are the health food specialists.

We test everything in our extensive range to ensure that our food is:
We have a no-nonsense approach to nutrition - believing in simple, high‑quality ingredients with no gimmicks.

Based in Sussex, we deliver throughout the UK and internationally.

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