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Mung Beans & Moong Dal

Mung Beans (Whole)

These mung beans are small beans only a few millimetres across that are used in a similar way to lentils. They have only a slightly longer cooking time (around 20-25 minutes) than lentils. Use them in soups and curries.

Mung beans also make excellent bean-sprouts. Most of the commercially-available beansprouts in Chinese food shops are mung bean sprouts. These ready-bought ones are usually a bit rubbish, so we would advise growing your own, using the mung beans below. For further details, see the biosnacky page.

Organic Mung Beans 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

A Large Bag of Organic Mung Beans

Mung beans have a mild nutty flavour when cooked and can be sprouted into bean sprouts!  More Info >
Product Code: 7PL05
Price: 3.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.79 each)

Organic Mung Beans 500g (Infinity Foods)

Organically grown mung beans. Suitable for soups, salads and sprouting.  More Info >
Product Code: PLMG0
Price: 2.33  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.21 each)

Mung Bean 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Try sprouting your mung beans - This is a handy little trial packet which can be used with a Germinating jar.  More Info >
Product Code: GRBI8
Price: 1.10  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.05 each)

Split Mung Beans

These are mung beans, split in half to make lentils. The green "husk" or skin that holds the bean together retained and not washed away - This is Moong Dal Chilka. The husk is soft and quite eatable, and high in fibre. So basically, these are the whole beans, exactly as above but split in half into lentils. We do sell the mung beans with the husk - These are called Mung Dal.

Note that you cannot use spilt mung beans for sprouting - only the whole beans, as above.

Sprout Your Own

Sprouted mung beans are also known as Chinese bean sprouts and are the common shoots found in stir fries and many Chinese noodle dishes. Mung bean sprouts contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12 and vitamin C. Additionally they contain plenty of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Germinator Jar (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Beginners size and for smaller appetites.

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBID
Price: 4.30  
(or buy 3 or more for 4.09 each)

3-Tier Large Germinator (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Sprouting micro-farm!

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBIC
Price: 16.10  
(or buy 3 or more for 15.30 each)

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Mung Dal (Split Mung Beans) 500g (by TRS)

This product is currently unavailable, but you can try
Organic Mung Beans 1kg by Sussex Wholefoods

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