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Healthier Chocolate 

Most Popular Chocolate Brands

The chocolates that we offer have been selected as healthier options. They typically have less sugar and more cocoa. Cocoa is known for its nutritious properties, and many of the chocolates below are from raw unroasted cocoa which preserves more of the natural nutrients in the cocoa. Of course, chocolate should always be eaten in moderation, but we hope to offer the least sinful chocolates available:

Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet

Luxury Chocolate Coated Nuts


Vegan, raw organic chocolates in flavours including coconut, acai and goji berry.

Conscious Chocolate

Organic chocolate, high in cacao solids. Vegan, raw and free from cane sugar.


Dark, satisfying organic chocolate. Flavours include pure nibs, mulberry, goji berry and pineapple. Raw, organic and vegan.

Pana Chocolate

Delicious Chocolate with no Cane Sugar. Dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Made with organically grown raw cacao products.

Booja Booja

Delightful award-winning gourmet truffle range. Vegan-friendly and completely free from dairy, soya and gluten.


No added sugar! Carob and chocolate bars. Dairy-free.

Raw Chocolate Co.

Dairy-free, raw organic chocolate. Flavours include Vanoffe and Pitch Dark.

Green & Blacks

The popular brand with a high cocoa content.

Blanxart Organic Chocolates

A premium selection of high quality chocolate bars.


Luxury, handmade chocolate bars and snack packs.

My Raw Joy

Scrumptious raw vegan chocolate treats.

Chocolate Categories

Cocoa (Cacao) & Carob

Cocoa, carob, cocoa butter and other ingredients for chocolate-making.

Chocolate-Making Ingredients

Ingredients for chocolatiers.

Chocolate Bars

Dark chocolate and dairy-free chocolate bars.

Coated Fruits, Seeds & Nuts - Healthier Treats

Coated Fruit, Seeds & Nuts

Fruit and seed-based sweets - designed to for kids and adults alike. These snacks are very tempting and moreish. They are healthier alternatives to sweets but still, we recommend enjoying these as treats.

Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate is produced without heating any ingredient above 42 degrees C. This means that the cocoa is in its raw state, with the antioxidants and other beneficial flavonoids intact.

Seasonal Chocolate

Christmas, Easter and other seasonal goodies!

Chocolate Snacks

Chocolate snack bars, balls, coated fruit and nuts and so on.

Cacao Kale Crisps

Inspiral produce raw snacks and crackers. Their popular Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips have been followed by these sweet chocolatey kale chips.

Carob Bars

Siesta Carob Bars and Gourmet Raw Slices are made from carob instead of cocoa, which makes for a different taste, and a caffeine-free experience. Also dairy-free.

Main Page  >  Healthy Snacks & Treats  >  Chocolate


Booja-Booja (30)
Montezuma's (30)
My Raw Joy (23)
Sussex Wholefoods (20)
Lovechock (15)
Ombar (12)
Pana Chocolate (10)
Conscious (10)
Nakd (10)
Chocolate and Love (7)
RAWR (6)
Biona (6)
Plamil (6)
Green & Blacks (6)
Just Natural (6)
iChoc (5)
Raw Health (5)
Raw Chocolate Co. (5)
Choc Chick (5)
Rhythm 108 (5)
Cocoa Loco (4)
Divine Chocolate (4)
Iswari (4)
Blanxart (3)
Siesta (3)
Pulsin' (3)
Inspiral (2)
Superfoodies (2)
Infinity Foods (2)
Damiano (1)
Healthy Supplies (1)
The Raw Chocolate Co. (1)
Cotswold (1)
Pearls of Samarkand (1)
Detox Your World (1)


Organic (167)
Gluten-Free (118)
Dairy-Free (114)
Vegan (158)


Chocolate Bars (88)
Raw Chocolate (77)
Make Your Own Food Hamper (33)
Stocking Fillers (32)
Sweet Treats (31)
Sweetie Like Treats (31)
Booja Booja (30)
Montezumas (30)
Chocolate Snacks (27)
Seasonal Chocolate (25)
My Raw Joy (23)
Gift Ideas (23)
Cocoa, Cacao & Carob (23)
Biscuits & Cakes (15)
Lovechock - Raw Dark Chocolate (15)
Raisins, Sultanas & Currants (13)
Ombars (12)
Chocolate Gifts (12)
Sale and Special Offers (11)
Pana Chocolate (10)
Caffeine Free Products (10)
Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet - Chocolate Treats (10)
Conscious Chocolate (10)
Nakd (10)
Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet Range (10)
Carob (10)
Carob Bars (8)
Pumpkin Seeds (7)
Chocolate & Love Organic Chocolate Bars (7)
Fruit & Vegetable Crisps (7)
Snacking Fruit, Nuts and Seeds (7)
Plamil (6)
Just Natural Wholesome (6)
Raw Chocolate Co. (6)
Raw Chocolate Co (6)
Biona Snacks (6)
Rawr - Raw Chocolate (6)
Raisins (6)
Nakd Bars (6)
Raw Health (5)
Rhythm 108 Dessert Bars (5)
iChoc Vegan Chocolate Bars (5)
CHOC Chick (5)
Nakd Raisins (4)
Iswari (4)
Fruit, Nut and Seed Snack Packs (4)
Drinks (4)
Almonds (4)
Goji Berries (3)
Gluten-Free Nakd Bars (3)
Blanxart Organic Chocolates (3)
Pulsin' (3)
Gluten And Wheat Free Confectionery (3)
Christmas Fruits & Nuts (3)
Green & Blacks Chocolate (3)
Inspiral Raw Snacks (2)
Kale (2)
Chocolate and Carob Spreads (2)
Detox Your World (2)
Cacao Kale Crisps (2)
Sussex Wholefoods Baking/Cooking Agents (2)
Table Sauces (2)
Inspiral Kale Chips (2)
Vegetable Crisps (2)
Raw Crackers & Crispbreads (2)
Delicatessen (2)
Healthy Supplies Value Range (1)
Damiano Organic (1)
Milk Alternatives (1)
Citrus Fruit (1)
Cherries (1)
Pancake Ingredients (1)
Oat Bars (1)
Energy Bars (1)
Superfoods (1)
Protein Bars (1)
Nakd Crunch Bars (1)
Ten Ways To Use Cacao Powder (1)
Ten Facts About Cacao Powder (1)
Create Your Own Smoothie (1)
Chocolate-Making Ingredients (1)
Mulberries (1)
Bananas (1)
Hazelnuts (1)
Cranberries (1)
Coconut (1)
Pearls Of Samarkand (1)
Ingredients for your Skin and Hair! (1)
Brazil Nuts (1)
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