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Please enjoy browsing through our selection of Honeys, Nut Butters and Fruit Jams.

Nut Butters

Including classic Peanut Butter, plus Cashew nut & Almond.

These are interesting healthier nut spreads.They can be spread on to bread, crackers and cakes. We are proud to list crunchy & smooth peanut butters, which are 100% peanut and contain no added oils, salt or sugar.

Jam and Marmalade

Juicy fruit spreads that are 100% natural.

Here we list a large choice of healthy jams. These contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Interesting flavours include: Grapefruit, Pineapple & Ginger and Morello Cherry.


Delicious, sweet honey. Thank you bees!

Honey contains natural antioxidants that benefit the immune system. The particular honey cultivated for this purpose is manuka honey. It is great for the digestion and is available in various UMF strengths. Honey can be used as a natural sweetener and it tastes great on crumpets or toast!

Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract has a thick, smooth texture and a rich, distinctive flavour. We sell yeast extract that unlike Vegemite, contains no added salt and is free from preservatives.

Sweet Pickle

A Sweet, Spicy Chunky Pickle

This tasty condiment is perfect with cheese and cold meats. It can be used like a relish in burgers and wraps and you'll be safe to know that it contains no added naughty additives - just pure vegetables and spices.

Seed Spreads

Pure and natural organic seed butters. Perfect for spreading on toast and having them on their own for a fantastic boost of protein and amino acids. Additionally, these can be used in cooking and baking too.

Savoury Spreads

A variety of easy-to-use Vegetarian Spreads

Maple Butter

A 100% pure maple syrup spread. Creamy and buttery. Can be spread on toast, crackers, bagels or used as a glaze for chicken, ham, fish and breads.



Meridian (33)
Carley's (15)
Pip & Nut (15)
Biona (15)
Gustare (8)
Ogilvy's (8)
The Fruit Tree (7)
Profusion (6)
Tartex (5)
Damiano (5)
Whole Earth (3)
Equal Exchange (3)
Comvita (3)
Tiana (3)
WOWButter (2)
Carleys (2)
Primrose's Kitchen (2)
Littleover Apiary (2)
Raw Ecstasy (2)
Granovita (1)
Acadian Maple (1)
Littleover Apiaries (1)
Honeycomb (1)
Healthy Supplies (1)
Sussex Wholefoods (1)


Organic (81)
Gluten-Free (26)
Dairy-Free (93)
Vegan (99)


Nut Butters (76)
Make Your Own Food Hamper (40)
Honey (30)
Meridian (28)
Peanuts (21)
Peanut Butter (21)
Almonds (20)
Almond Butter (18)
Jams and Fruit Spreads (17)
Pip & Nut (15)
Seed Spreads (15)
Gustare (8)
Cashew Nuts (7)
Hazelnut Butter (7)
Chocolate and Carob Spreads (7)
Cashew Nut Butter (7)
Sesame Seeds (7)
Hazelnuts (6)
Savoury Spreads (6)
Damiano Organic (5)
Tahini (5)
Create Your Own Smoothie (5)
Sprouted Foods (5)
Stocking Fillers (3)
Whole Earth (3)
Pumpkin Seeds (3)
Tiana (3)
Christmas Condiments (3)
Ingredients for your Skin and Hair! (3)
Pancake Ingredients (3)
Equal Exchange (3)
Soya Nuts (2)
Soya Spreads (2)
Nut Butter Alternatives (2)
Hemp Seeds (2)
Mixed Nuts (2)
Pistachios (2)
Spreads (2)
Primrose's Kitchen (2)
Table Sauces (2)
Raw Ecstasy (2)
Brazil Nuts (2)
Christmas Dinner (2)
Bee Pollen Granules (2)
Pastes & Concentrates (1)
Sunflower Seeds (1)
Savoury Ingredients (1)
Cranberries (1)
Yeast (1)
Sale and Special Offers (1)
Biona Condiments & Cooking Ingredients (1)
Coconut Oil (1)
Carob (1)
Stock and Bouillon (1)
Black Sesame Seeds (1)
Macadamia Nuts (1)
Apricot Kernels (1)
Raspberries (1)
Strawberries (1)
Chillies (1)
Pecan Nuts (1)
Peaches (1)
Walnuts (1)
Blackcurrants (1)
Apricots (1)
Blueberries (1)
Mango (1)
Flax Seeds (Linseed) (1)
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We test everything in our extensive range to ensure that our food is:
We have a no-nonsense approach to nutrition - believing in simple, high‑quality ingredients with no gimmicks.

Based in Sussex, we deliver throughout the UK and internationally.

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