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Sprouting Kits & Seeds 

Many kinds of seeds and beans can be left in water to germinate. After a few days, their little green shoots are ready for harvest. Sprouted seeds can be added to salads, stir fries, stews, sandwiches and raw savoury cakes.

Mixed Blends

Organic Sprouting Mix 250g (Just Wholefoods)

Organic mix of pulses and alfalfa seed. A good starter pack for a beginner or as a gift.  More Info >
Product Code: GRJU0
Price: 1.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.89 each)

Detox Mix 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI3
Price: 1.53  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.45 each)

Fitness Mix 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI4
Price: 1.10  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.05 each)

Gourmet Mix 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI5
Price: 1.02  
(or buy 3 or more for 0.97 each)

Mild Aromatic Mix 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Product Code: GRBI7
Price: 1.02  
(or buy 3 or more for 0.97 each)


Alfalfa Seeds 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Easy, big cropping & nutty flavour.

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI1
Price: 1.55  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.47 each)

Organic Alfalfa Seeds 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)

A very large bag of organic alfalfa seeds.  More Info >
Product Code: 7ALF1
Price: 5.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.69 each)

Amaranth Grain, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

Product Code: 7AMR1
Price: 4.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 4.74 each)

Fenugreek Seeds, Organic 100g (Sussex Wholefoods)

Product Code: 7FEU1
Price: 2.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.84 each)

Little Radish 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI6
Price: 1.29  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.23 each)

Mustard Seeds, Yellow 100g (Hampshire Foods)

Product Code: ZMU03
Price: 1.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.42 each)

Mustard Seeds, Brown 100g (TRS)

Product Code: ZMU01
Price: 0.79  
(or buy 3 or more for 0.75 each)

Red Clover 30g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI9
Price: 1.55  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.47 each)


The following beans are particularly easy to sprout. When sprouted their flavours are fresh, mildly nutty and not overpowering. They look pretty in salads and sandwiches as well as offering a nice crunch.

Aduki Beans Organic 500g (Infinity Foods)

Product Code: PLAD1
Price: 1.89  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.80 each)

Organic Chickpeas 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

You can use chick peas for sprouting, and they come up well and taste really excellent. You can even crush the sprouted chick peas with Light Tahini, a little garlic and lemon juice for a quick houmous.  More Info >
Product Code: 7PL01
Price: 3.39  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.22 each)

Mung Bean 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBI8
Price: 1.10  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.05 each)

Mung Beans, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

A Large Bag of Organic Mung Beans

Mung beans have a mild nutty flavour when cooked and can be sprouted into bean sprouts!  More Info >
Product Code: 7PL05
Price: 3.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.79 each)

Lentils & Peas

Only whole lentils can be sprouted. They begin to germinate in around 3 days and should be ready to eat after 4 or 5 days.

Organic French Type Lentils 500g (Infinity Foods)

Product Code: PLWL5
Price: 2.29  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.18 each)

Whole Green Lentils 500g (TRS)

Product Code: PLWL6
Price: 1.09  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.04 each)

Snow Peas, Organic 500g (Aconbury Sprouts)

Sprout sweet little snow peas with this large bag. The shoots are tasty in stir fries and in salads.  More Info >
Product Code: PLPE1
Price: 5.23  
(or buy 3 or more for 4.97 each)


Wheat Grain, Organic 500g (Infinity Foods)

Wheat Sprouts & Wheat Grass

Organic whole grains of wheat. Cook in soups, stews and vegetable dishes. Sprout for a sweet, wheaty, nutritional snack or grow into wheat grass.  More Info >
Product Code: CER14
Price: 1.05  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.00 each)

Sprouting Jars

3-Tier Large Germinator (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Sprouting micro-farm!

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBIC
Price: 16.10  
(or buy 3 or more for 15.30 each)

Germinator Jar (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Beginners size and for smaller appetites.

 More Info >
Product Code: GRBID
Price: 4.30  
(or buy 3 or more for 4.09 each)

Biosnacky Range

The whole Biosnacky kit - with germinators and seeds.  More Info >

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Sprouted Foods

Already-sprouted seeds, flour, powders and related products.  More Info >

Out-of-stock items...

The following items are temporarily unavailable, but due back in stock soon!

Sprouting Starter Pack 6x40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

Selection of 6 popular seed mixes.

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This product is currently unavailable.

Strong Aromatic Mix 40g (BioSnacky-A.Vogel)

This product is currently unavailable.

Brown Whole Lentils 500g (TRS)

This product is currently unavailable, but you can try
Whole Brown Lentils, Organic 500g Infinity Foods

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