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Make Your Own Muesli 

Choose your favourite ingredients and mix it up yourself...
Flaked Cereals
Puffed Cereals
Dried Fruit
Ready-Made Muesli

Muesli Ingredients

Flaked Cereals

  • Wholegrain, no added sugar.
  • Gluten-free available.
  • Oats, Corn, Bran and more.
  • Puffed Cereals

  • Wholegrain, no added sugar.
  • Gluten-free available.
  • Rice, Corn, Buckwheat and more.

  • Bran, Germ and Fibre

  • Oat Bran, Wheat Bran and Rice Bran.
  • Wheatgerm and oat germ.
  • Dried Fruit

  • Whole, slices and pieces.
  • Naturally dried, no added sugar.
  • Exotic, Orchard and Berries.

  • Nuts

  • Whole, chopped and flaked.
  • Plain roasted available.
  • Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts and more.
  • Seeds

  • Whole seeds and powdered.
  • No added salt, un-roasted.
  • Sunflower, Flaxseed, Chia and more.

  • Natural Sugars, Syrups & Honey

  • Granules, powder, syrups.
  • Can be used in granola.
  • Stevia, Agave, Coconut Nectar and more.
  • Oats

  • Oat flakes and bran.
  • Organic and economy packs.
  • Gluten-free oats available.

  • Recipes

    Take a look through our recipes for inspiration.

    Ready-Made Muesli

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    Infinity Foods (15)
    Sussex Wholefoods (11)
    Alara (10)
    Rude Health (8)
    Amisa (8)
    Healthy Supplies (4)
    Big Oz (4)
    Bob's Red Mill (4)
    Whole Earth (3)
    Delicious Alchemy (3)
    Biona (2)
    Primrose's Kitchen (2)
    Jordans (1)
    Lima (1)
    Oat puffs Box (1)
    Prewetts (1)
    Tree of Life (1)
    Allos (1)
    Biofair (1)
    Nature's Path (1)
    Infinity (1)


    Organic (56)
    Gluten-Free (29)
    Dairy-Free (65)
    Vegan (61)


    Oats & Oat Bran (29)
    Muesli (27)
    Gluten-Free Muesli & Porridge (19)
    Cereal Flakes (17)
    Porridge (15)
    Wholegrains (12)
    Puffed Cereals (12)
    Alara (10)
    The Big Cereal Sale (9)
    Oat Flour & Oat Meal (9)
    Rude Health (9)
    Rolled Oats (9)
    Amisa (8)
    Sussex Wholefoods Cereals (8)
    Oat Flour & (8)
    Infinity Foods Grains & Cereals (7)
    Gluten-Free Oats (7)
    Infinity Foods Muesli & Breakfast Cereals (6)
    Corn Cereals (6)
    Oat Bran (5)
    Spelt (5)
    Bran (5)
    Big Oz (4)
    Bobs Red Mill (4)
    Powdered Wholegrains for Making Muesli (4)
    Healthy Supplies Rice Grains (4)
    Wheat (4)
    Whole Earth (3)
    Corn & Maize (3)
    Whole Oats (3)
    Create Your Own Smoothie (3)
    Sale and Special Offers (3)
    The Dukan Diet and Oat Bran (3)
    Delicious Alchemy (3)
    Infinity Foods Flour (2)
    Amaranth (2)
    Biona Cereals and Grains (2)
    Cranberries (2)
    Millet (2)
    Flaked & Puffed Quinoa (2)
    Primrose's Kitchen (2)
    Healthy Supplies Value Range (1)
    Sussex Wholefoods Flours (1)
    Barley (1)
    Sprouted Foods (1)
    Gluten-Free Flour (1)
    Goji Berries (1)
    Rye (1)
    Rice (1)
    Quinoa (1)
    Brazil Nuts (1)
    Buckwheat (1)
    Make Your Own Muesli
    Gluten-Free Muesli & Porridge
    Super Fruity Muesli 500g (Rude Health)
    The Ultimate Muesli, Organic 500g (Rude Health)
    No Flamin' Raisins Muesli 500g (Rude Health)
    Vitality Muesli 1kg, Organic (Infinity Foods)
    Gluten Free Muesli 1kg, Organic (Infinity Foods)
    Muesli Base 1kg, Organic (Infinity Foods)
    Cranberry and Pecan Muesli 1kg, Organic (Infinity Foods)
    Super Muesli 1.5kg, Organic (Infinity Foods)
    Deluxe Muesli 1.5kg, Organic (Infinity Foods)
    Alara Maca Secrets Muesli 400g
    Quinoa Muesli with Chocolate, Organic 350g (Primeal)
    Super Seed Muesli, Organic 500g (Rude Health)
    Alara Date & Cacao Museli 750g
    Alara Fruit, Seed & Spice Muesli 750g
    Alara Very Berry Muesli 600g
    Alara Rich Muesli 500g
    Alara Active Muesli Gluten Free 400g
    Alara Luxury Muesli, Gluten Free 500g
    Alara Organic Gluten Free Muesli 650g with Goji Berries and Cranberry
    Everyday Delight Muesli, Gluten Free, Organic 250g (Alara)
    Everyday Fruity Oats, Gluten Free 500g (Alara)
    Muesli 500g - Amaranth Wild Berry (Biona Organic)
    Raw Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Muesli 400g (Primrose's Kitchen)
    Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli 400g (Primrose's Kitchen)
    Swiss Style Muesli, Organic 750g (Whole Earth)
    Crispy Spelt Muesli, Organic 500g (Amisa)
    Fruity Oat Muesli, Gluten Free, Organic 325g (Amisa)
    Natural Muesli 1kg (Jordans)
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