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Grains, Cereals & Flour 

Wholegrains and grain-related products (A-Z)


A Tiny, High Protein Cereal

The tiny seeds of the amaranth plant are highly nutritious; full of complete protein and dietary fibre. They are also safe for the gluten intolerant.
USES: Add to stews, soups and breakfast.


A Multi-talented & Hearty Grain

Barley is a popular cereal crop used to make breads, biscuits, breakfast cereals, drinks and sugar. If you are sensitive to gluten, it is suggested that barley is avoided. USES: Makes bread, biscuits, drinks & add to stews and soups.


A Very Diverse Cereal

Buckwheat is a gluten free cereal which is saluted by many a coeliac. It is not related to wheat but acts very similarly.
USES: Makes porridge, cereal puffs, flour & pasta. Add to stews and casseroles too.

Corn (Maize)

Corn/Maize Products

Corn is a gluten free grain which can be ground, flaked and popped.
USES: Breakfast Cereals, popcorn and flours such as Polenta, Semolina and Cornflour (to thicken sauces).


The Egyptian Wheat Grain

Kamut is a type of wheat that has interesting nutritional properties and is very high in protein. Kamut has a deep nutty flavour.
USES: Kamut makes delicious breads and biscuits.


Slightly Sweet, Crumbly Grain

Millet is ideal for making cakes and sweet dishes due to is natural flavours. It's better in flavour once it's cooked and is again safe to eat for the gluten intolerant.
USES: Can be flaked or puffed into breakfast cereals and used in porridge, used in cake, bread and biscuit recipes.

Oats & Oat Bran

Jumbo Oats, Rolled Oats, Oat Bran, Oatmeal...

Oats are well known for their ability to release energy slowly. They also provide you with a good source of dietary fibre, vitamins and essential fatty acids. They have a distinct flavour and are an excellent staple food.
USES: Porridge, muesli, cakes, breads, also add to casseroles/stews and sausage fillings.


A Versatile Little Grain

Quinoa is a lesser known cereal in the UK but has been grown for thousands of years. It has many uses and is a good source of protein & dietary fibre. It is safe for coeliacs to eat.
USES: Use as a gluten free alternative to cous cous or instead of rice. Can also be added to soups, stews, used as a stuffing base. Ideal for flaking or puffing into muesli.


A Global Staple Food

Rice is used worldwide in so many types of cuisine. It's nature allows it to be made into various forms (such as flour and syrup) to create various outcomes (such as bread and pasta) as well as being enjoyed simply boiled whole. Rice is gluten free.


A High Fibre Cereal

The Rye cereal grain is similar to wheat and barley. It has a richer flavour and is a good source of fibre. It is not suitable for the gluten intolerant.
USES:Rye can be eaten whole for breakfast (like porridge) or ground into flour.


A Nutritious Member of the Wheat Family

Spelt is making a return as a popular staple food. It is easier on the digestion compared to wheat and has a deeper nutty flavour.
USES: Spelt can be applied in the same way as wheat. Used in breakfast cereals and flours.


The smallest grain in the world!

This tiny grain originates from a grass native to Africa and is naturally gluten free. The whole grain can be cooked into a porridge and the flour is suitable for mixing with other gluten-free flours to add extra fibre, nutrition and flavour.

Wheat & Wheatgerm

High Fibre, Slightly Sweet Grains

Wheat and Wheatgerm contain lots of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin E, folic acid, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein. It can be added to cake & bread recipes and can be made into breakfast cereals. Wheatgerm is not suitable for those intolerant to gluten & wheat.

Instant and Easy-Cook Grains

Quick Cook Grains, All Ready in 10 Minutes or Less!

Quick and convenient range of grain-based, easy-to-cook products.

Cereal Products

Breakfast Cereals

A Large Choice of Wholegrain Flakes, Puffs, Muesli & Porridge

Start your day the healthy way with our wide selection of breakfast treats. All of our cereals contain no artificial ingredients or unnecessary additives.


Interesting & Inspiring Flours for Baking and Cooking.

At Healthy Supplies, we hope to have provided you with a large range of exciting and useful flours for both sweet and savoury cooking and baking. Most of these flours are gluten free too!


Bran is a high-fibre food. It consists of the husks of a grain (such as oats or wheat), and is actually quite nutrient-rich, containing protein, vitamins and minerals as well as fibre.

Cereal Bars

Cereal-based quick snacks.

Flaked Cereals

Many of the cereals and grains come in a flaked form including the familiar rolled oats as well as less well known gluten-free flakes such as quinoa and millet.

Puffed Cereals

There is now a wider variety of puffed cereals available many of which are Gluten Free.These are useful for adding variety to your muesli as well as fibre and minerals.


Ready-made healthy muesli & all you need to make your own!


Ready-made granolas with mix of fruits, nuts, seeds and wholegrain cereals.


As well as being a great breakfast, some of our instant porridges make an ideal snack. We also supply bulk porridge oats.


Polenta is a versatile form of ground cornmeal that can be used as an alternative to rice, pasta or semolina.

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