Plant Power Unleashed: The Top Ten Healthiest Vegan Superfoods

Veganism has taken the world by storm, and it’s no surprise why. Not only is it an ethical choice, but it also opens up a world of incredibly healthy and nourishing foods that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

By incorporating these top ten superfoods into your daily meals, your diet can become even more diverse and exciting. Each of these plant-based powerhouses brings its unique set of health benefits to the table, making them essential additions to any vegan’s diet. Embrace the incredible potential of these superfoods and let them guide you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

So, if you’re ready to unleash the power of plants, join us as we reveal the top ten wickedly healthy vegan superfoods that will make you feel like a superhero. Get ready to flex your culinary muscles and prepare for a tantalising journey of vibrant flavours and optimum health!

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Easy Summer Salads

Summer is the perfect time for salads, quick and easy dishes that mean you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the nice weather. The fresh, seasonal produce is in abundance, and there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a delicious and refreshing dish. Salad often gets a bad rap, often being called boring or not filling. If made correctly then salads are a great source of satisfying protein as well as being really flavourful.

Here are a few of our favourite summer salads:

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Ten Perfect Products For Hiking

Since the pandemic, ‘staycations’ have become more popular within the UK. Many families are turning to trips at home over vacationing abroad and as a result camping and hiking trips have increased!

We love a good activity holiday. Be it camping or walking, getting back to nature and exploring the great outdoors can do wonders for both our mental and physical health. It’s always best to be prepared on trips, so we’ve compiled a list of the top products that always make it into our backpack when we do a hiking trip!

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What are Cacao Nibs? And why are they SO good for us?

Cacao nibs are small, crunchy pieces of dried and fermented cacao beans. They are a rich source of antioxidants, minerals, and fibre. Cacao nibs have a slightly bitter, chocolatey flavour and can be used in a variety of recipes, such as baked goods, smoothies, and trail mix. They can also be eaten on their own as a healthy snack. They contain a number of nutrients that can benefit your health.

Let’s learn more about the health benefits of cacao nibs:

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Our favourite wellness products to help you feel your best!

After a rocky few years, it’s no surprise that more and more of us are placing a greater importance on our own wellness. Taking the time out of hectic, busy lives and making room for ourselves is hugely beneficial for our health. Whether it’s a long hot soak in the bath or ten minutes of yoga in our lunch break, a walk in the park or a moment of quiet meditation – wellness can look different for everyone, but the end result is the same. If we make time for wellness then we are carving out time for ourselves and our health, and we feel better as a result!

We take wellness really seriously here. Our team practice it, and we love stocking products that can help aid relaxation and mindfulness. Check out our top wellness products, available at Healthy Supplies and guaranteed to help you feel your best.

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DIY Gift Inspiration

Homemade gifts are a great way of showing people you care. You can create thoughtful and unique gifts specifically tailored to your loved ones tastes. They can also be great when you need a gift in a hurry and don’t have time to pop to the shops! Making gifts can also be a really cost effective way of creating something beautiful on a budget.


If you are in need of some gift idea inspiration, browse our collection of favourite homemade gifts.

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The BEST vegan desserts!

With so many wonderful vegan alternatives available, you do not have to forgo your favourite desserts! Get inspired by our collection of delicious plant-based desserts – the perfect accompaniment to your veganuary!


Don’t forget to shop our huge range of vegan products at Healthy Supplies! We’ve got jelly, cream, puddings, custard and more!

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Simple, meat-free midweek dinners!

If your new years resolution is to cut back your meat consumption this year, then get inspired by our compendium of meat-free dinners. We’ve chosen budget-friendly and easy meals to show you how simple meat-free dinners can be!

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Winter Skin Care Essentials

As the cold weather creeps in, you might notice your skin feeling drier or flakier. Or maybe your hair isn’t feeling as soft as normal. The cold weather can really dry us out. Not to fear, we are bringing you our winter skin care essentials! All our favourite products that help protect our skin throughout the colder months!

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Homemade: Milk Alternatives

With the rising cost of living, we will explore in a series of articles how you can create homemade versions of your favourite recipe – for less! Today we look at Milk Alternatives. We love keeping our favourite milk alternatives to hand. The good thing about many of the milk alternatives that we sell at Healthy Supplies, is that they are UHT. Meaning they don’t have to be stored in the fridge until opened.

We also like making our own milk alternatives! It’s a great way to use up extra nuts and you can tailor the flavour to suit you. It also helps you out when you are in a pinch and either can’t get your favourite milk alternative or you are waiting for your next Healthy Supplies order to arrive!

Check out some of our favourite recipes!

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