Popcorn Rocky Road

  • A healthy version of this popular treat!
  • Sweetened with coconut sugar and fruit.
  • A great cook-along recipe to make with children.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Makes 16 slices.
  • Created and photographed by Jordan Leitch


  1. Line a tin with baking parchment.
  2. Pour the coconut sugar, cacao powder and cacao butter into a large glass bowl, place over a boiling pan of water and leave to simmer until the ingredients have all combined and resemble melted and silky chocolate.
  3. Remove from the heat and stir through the nut butters until smooth and then stir through the popped popcorn until the popcorn is no longer white and completely covered in chocolate.
  4. Then fold through the remaining ingredients one by one until everything is combined.
  5. Pour into the lined tin and press to compact the mix with the back of a spoon until flat and pressed into the tin as tight as possible.
  6. Pop in the fridge to set for an hour and then remove, use a large knife to cut into 16. Keep in the fridge.
  7. Featured Chef: Jordan Leitch
  8. My name’s Jordan Leitch. I’m 20 and live in Sheffield.
  9. I started my blog when I was battling with many digestive issues. It showed my journey and gave me support from others along the way. It also allowed me to meet like-minded people and share my passion for food, recipe development and photography. It also made me realise me how much I wanted to be in the food industry and made me want to explore different kinds of work in this field. I went on a few different food courses, all under the ‘sweet treat’ category, experimented and then found that the world of chocolate was the one I wanted to be a part of.
  10. I now have my own chocolate business called LeitchyCreates. I sell online and also in a few shops/cafes round Yorkshire as well as appearing in subscription boxes such as Lifebox. I love spending time with my family, friends and boyfriend, seeing live music, going to the gym, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, going to quirky and fancy restaurants, seeing all the latest films, walking in the countryside and going on holiday. I hope you love my recipes!