Iced Chocolate Cookies

  • Light & Crumbly Chocolate Biscuits
  • No added sugar, only natural sweeteners!
  • Uses pureed fruit to add sweetness & reduce the fat content.
  • Perfect as presents and a tea-time treat.
  • Simple and quick to prepare in large batches.
  • Uses the best quality cocoa and chocolate.
  • Makes 24 cookies roughly 4½ – 5cm diameter.

Organic Pitted Prunes (1kg) - Sussex WholeFoods

65g of Pureed Pitted Prunes. Puree in a mini food processor or spice grinder attachment on a liquidizer.

Cocoa Powder 1kg, Organic (Sussex Wholefoods)

20g of Cocoa Powder & 2 Tbsp for the icing later

Vanilla Extract Ndali 100ml

½ tsp of Vanilla Extract & 1 tsp for the icing later

Bicarbonate of Soda 100g (Borwick's)

¼ tsp of Bicarbonate of Soda

Borwicks Baking Powder 100g

½ tsp of Baking Powder

Conscious Chocolate

1 Conscious Chocolate Bar in a flavour of your choice.

Other Ingredients


    1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°c Fan/ 170°c/ Gas Mark 3/ 325 °F.
    2. Place a sheet of baking parchment onto two rimmed baking trays. If you only have one baking tray then you will have to bake the biscuits in two batches.
    3. Using a food processor or in a large mixing bowl add the butter and pureed prunes and combine with a metal spoon.
    4. Add the coconut syrup and Vanilla extract and the rest of the ingredients. Simply whizz up in the food processor until you start getting large breadcrumbs. If mixing by hand it is best to rub the wet ingredients through the dry ingredients with your fingers.
    5. Add a little milk/milk substitute to bring the mixture together into a manageable dough ball. This will happen pretty much instantly in the food processor.
    6. Dust a rolling pin and board with spare flour. Cut the dough ball in half and roll to around ¾cm thick. You don’t have to be too precise.
    7. Take a small cutter (3½cm-4cm) or the rim of a shot glass and cut out an even number of circles.
    8. Cut your chosen chocolate bar into small, roughly 1cm by 1cm pieces. Again, you don’t have to be too exact.
    9. Take one circle of dough and place a chocolate chunk in the middle, then place another circle ontop and pinch around the circumference to bring the stick the two circles together. N.B. If the dough becomes a little dry or you have included quite a large chunk of chocolate, you can help the two halves stick together by dipping a finger in a little milk and running it around the base circle before combining with the top circle. That will ensure they bake together.
    10. Your biscuits will resemble the shape of those fizzy spaceship sweets or ‘Flying Saucers’ you may have had as a child. Repeat the above steps with the second half of the dough until you have none left.
    11. Place the uncooked biscuits onto the baking trays in rows, with enough room around them for a little expansion whilst baking. Brush the tops with a little milk and bake in the middle of the oven for 18-20 minutes.
    12. Remove and allow the biscuits to cool a little before transferring to a wire cooling rack. (You will really need two racks, so you could use a spare shelf from your oven if needs be.)
    13. Make the chocolate icing once the biscuits have cooled. Put the boiling water into a mixing bowl, stir in the cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Then sieve in the Sukrin Melis Powder. The icing should have a heavy drizzle consistency that holds on the back of a spoon and drips slowly.
    14. Using a dessert spoon drop a blob of icing onto each biscuits and spread roughly with the back of the spoon. Work quickly and methodically as the icing will start to ‘set’.
    15. Once you have finished icing the last biscuit, this is perfect time to then add glitter to the first biscuits you iced. Take a pinch of one glitter colour with one hand and a pinch of the other colour with the other hand. Holding your hands 10-15cm above each biscuit sprinkle the surface of the icing with a little glitter.
    16. Allow the icing to fully ‘set’ or dry. You are then ready to transfer them into a cookie jar!