Chestnut Pancakes

Try something a little different for pancake day, with our wheat and gluten-free chestnut pancakes with blueberries & crème fraiche. These are subtly flavoured with a natural sweet chestnut taste, and work fantastically with sweet or savoury accompaniments.

Other Ingredients

2 eggs or you can use our Sussex Wholefoods Egg replacer
Fresh blueberries


1) Sift together all the dry ingredients.
2) Crack in the eggs, milk alternative and olive oil. Mix until you have a smooth batter with no lumps.
3) In a pre-heated frying pan (medium heat) pour in a ladle of your batter and allow it to smooth out across the pan. These pancakes will thicken slightly, and once golden on one side, flip the pancake over.
4) When pancakes are done, serve with fresh blueberries and crème fraiche.

NB: The first pancake is often a dud – we call it the practice pancake (still tastes good though!). Also note that the pancakes will appear a slightly greyer colour than traditional pancakes due to the properties of chestnut flour.

Chestnut Pancakes Chestnut Pancakes