Raw Mocha Brownies

  • A grain-free, flourless treat.
  • Suitable for the Raw Food Diet.
  • Naturally does not contain gluten.
  • No cooking or baking required.
  • Makes 12-16 4cm² brownies.

Other Ingredients


    1. Prepare a rimless non-stick baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone sheet. Set aside.
    2. In a blender (using a grinding blade if you have one) or coffee grinder add 60g of the walnut halves, all the almonds and the sunflower seeds. Blend into a rough powder. Transfer into a large mixing bowl.
    3. Use a blender/food processor to blend the dates (remember to remove the pits/stones!), coconut oil (gentley melted), cacao powder, maca powder, espresso powder, pinch of salt and vanilla paste. If your blender is not powerful enough, chop the dates into smaller pieces before blending.
    4. Blend into a wet paste. Add this paste to the mixing bowl containing the powdered nuts and sunflower seeds.
    5. Roughly crush the 20g of walnut halves you set aside earlier and then add these to the mixing bowl.
    6. Now knead all the ingredients together until you are able to form a soft but firm dough-like ball.
    7. Press the mixture evenly across your parchment/silicone sheet. Flatten and shape into a rectangle or square. Then smooth the surface using the back of a dessert spoon. This mixture should achieve a 1.5cm depth.
    8. Carefully sprinkle coconut sugar across the entire surface of the brownie mix. Press down gentle with the back of a dessert spoon.
    9. Using a ruler or other straight edge cut 4cm² squares so that each edge is cut cleaning and evenly.
    10. Ready to eat, serve or gift! Can be kept at in the fridge for around 2 weeks.