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Lentils: Brown Whole Lentils 500g (TRS)

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Whole Brown Lentils, Organic 500g Infinity Foods

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Whole Brown Lentils - Small 500g Bag

  • Smaller, earthy tasting lentils.
  • Use in a multitude of dishes or on its own.
  • Takes approximately 30 minutes to cook.
Brown lentils are smaller and rounder than green lentils. They are popular in Asian cuisine and fill out curries, stews and soups very well. Brown lentils retain a firmer shape unless cooked for too long.

Cooking Brown Lentils

Prior to cooking, rinse the lentils of any debris. Lentils can be added to many dishes and work well with chicken or fish or in a thick vegetable curry. Alternatively, lentils could be mixed with other beans in a mixed salad and seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and herbs.

Brown lentils should cook in about 30 minutes on a gentle simmer in water. However, after about 20 minutes, do taste the lentils as cooking times may vary depending on the type of cooker you use (eg; gas or electric). Cooking times also vary if lentils are added to a liquidy dish without pre-cooking them. In that instance, you may have to leave your sauce or soup gently bubbling for much longer until the lentils are ready. Again, taste every 10 minutes to monitor the consistency.

Boiling down lentils until they are mushy is a good way to thicken soups and sauces. It is actually a matter of taste as to how long you cook them for.

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