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Vegan Snacks & Chocolate


Savoury Snacks

Crackers, crisps, popcorn and much more!

Sweet Snacks

Snack bars in all shapes, sizes and flavours.

Chocolate & Truffles

Delicious delights! Chocolate Bars, Raw Chocolate & Truffles.


Jelly sweets, mints, lollies and more!

Vegan Cakes

Delicious vegan cakes!

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Vivani (17)
Ombar (16)
Plamil (12)
Lovechock (11)
Biona (10)
Pana Chocolate (9)
Conscious (8)
Everfresh Natural Foods (7)
iChoc (6)
Raw Chocolate Co. (6)
Organica (5)
Nucao (4)
Nakd (4)
Vego (4)
Freedom Mallows (3)
iQ Choc (3)
RAWR (3)
Siesta (3)
My Raw Joy (3)


Organic (97)
Gluten-Free (54)
Dairy-Free (51)
Vegan (113)

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