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Organic Buckwheat Flakes, Gluten-Free 15kg (Bulk)

59.00    Product Code: 8BUK2
Special Offer: Was: 69.00

Certified Gluten-Free Organic Buckwheat Flakes

  • Organically certified.
  • Guaranteed Gluten-Free.
  • Pure, soft flakes with a light nutty flavour.
  • Use for porridge, muesli and baking.
  • 100% Buckwheat.
  • Packed in Sussex.
  • 15kg bulk sack.

These light brown buckwheat flakes are guaranteed gluten-free. This is because buckwheat, despite its name, is not related to wheat. Buckwheat flakes make a great base for most breakfast dishes! They are a good source of protein and are highly nutritious!

Guaranteed gluten-free. Use as a breakfast cereal, and in porridge or muesli.

Buckwheat flakes can be used in the same way you use other cereal flakes. See our directions below for recipe suggestions!


  • As a porridge: Simmer the flakes in milk or milk alternative until soft. Garnish with your favourite porridge topping!
  • As a muesli base: These buckwheat flakes make the ideal gluten-free muesli base. You can toast them beforehand or eat as they are! They are soft enough to eat without cooking.
  • As overnight oats: Cover the flakes in water or milk and leave overnight. Add your favourite toppings such as blueberries, pecans and honey for a quick on-the-go breakfast!

Smaller Size

  Organic Buckwheat Flakes, Gluten-Free 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
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100% Organic Buckwheat Flakes. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 100g
Energy Kcals349g
_of which sugars0
_of which saturates0.9g


Special Offer: Was: 69.00

Price: 59.00
Product Code: 8BUK2

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