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Strawberry Chia Jam

  • Natural, healthy strawberry jam recipe.
  • Skip the refined sugars and make your own fruit spread at home.
  • We used strawberry, but this recipe would work with any of our freeze dried fruit.
  • Suitable for those on a low sugar diet.
  • Great source of fibre.
  • No cooking required.
  • Super easy recipe - only five ingredients!


  Organic Chia seeds (1kg) - Sussex WholeFoods
2 tbsp chia seeds

  Lemon Juice 250ml (Sunita)
1 tbsp Lemon Juice

  Natvia Natural Sweetener 40x2g Sticks (Natvia)
4 sticks of Natvia

  Freeze Dried Strawberries 100g (Sussex Wholefoods)
50g Roughly Crushed Freeze Dried Strawberries

Other Ingredients

  • 200ml Water


  1. Roughly crush the freeze dried strawberries. This can be done by hand or in a blender. Create a mixture of powder and pieces - this will give texture to your fruit spread.
  2. In a bowl, mix the crushed strawberries, chia seeds, lemon juice, sweetener and water. Stir until thoroughly combined.
  3. Pour into a glass jar and seal. Chill overnight and allow the mixture to set.
  4. Spread on toast or crackers, or spoon onto yoghurt or porridge!
  5. Consume within 3 days and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

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