Sports Nutrition Brands


PhD Nutrition

An extensive range of all things fitness related. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike.


High quality sports nutrition products ranging from diet whey proteins all the way to protein pancake mixtures.

Weider Nutrition

Wonderful range of delicious fitness products with something for everyone.

Sussex Wholefoods

Healthy, natural protein powders and more.

Dr. Zak's

A delicious range of high protein food products, specialising in interesting and uniquely flavoured protein peanut butters.


High protein porridge pots, perfect for a busy lifestyle, or for someone looking to get an extra boost of protein in the morning. Lots of delicious flavours await you.


High protein meat snack bars, packed with seeds and other delicious goodies for a well-rounded taste. Perfect for sustaining energy levels during a long exercise session or a day out exploring.

Performance Meals

Protein-packed meals with a wonderful array of flavours and varieties. Finish your day with a powerful protein punch and a hearty meal.

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