Specific Purpose Flour

Fine, white pasta flour
This light, white flour is perfect for pasta making. It can also be used in pizza dough and bread making.
A high protein flour similar to wheat
This flour is ideal for bread and biscuit recipes. Kamut is a type of wheat. It can be used in place of typical bread flour.
Plain flour with extra fibre
This flour is perfect for pastry, cakes, crumbles and biscuits.
Self raising flour with extra fibre
Use this flour for cakes and scones.
Strong brown malted flour for bread and rolls
Malted wheat flour with cracked malted grains. Perfect for crusty brown rolls.
Whole grain wheat flour
Suitable for making wholegrain bread, bread rolls and shortcrust pastry.
RRP was: £2.25
Organically grown Durum Wheat
Finely ground then sifted to provide an excellent base for pasta dough, savoury biscuits, cakes and puddings.
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Gluten Free Mixes Below

Ready made brown bread flour
  • Enables you to make fresh gluten free brown bread from home.
  • Recipe on the back for guidance.
Ready made white bread flour
  • Make your own white bread and pizza bases at home.
  • Recipes on the back of the packet.
  • Free from nuts and gluten.
RRP was: £2.75
Alternative to conventional plain flour
  • Perfect for pastry, sponges, crumble & sauces.
  • Easy to follow recipes on the packet.
RRP was: £2.75
Alternative to conventional self-raising flour
  • Perfect for muffins, fairy cakes, sponges & brownies.
  • Recipes to follow on the packet.
Special Blend for All Baking This flour has been specially mixed for gluten free recipes, including cakes, muffins, bread, waffles, pancakes, bicuits and cookies.
RRP was: £4.19
Moreish brownie mix with a hint of vanilla. Made with rice flour.
Rich, deep chocolate flavour. Simple to prepare, made with rice and corn flour.
Made with buckwheat, millet and rice flours.
Gluten-free. Suitable for sweet or savoury pancakes. Made from maize, rice & corn flours.

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