Speciality Rice

RRP was: £3.76
A wholegrain rice for risotto and paella.
RRP was: £3.76
This is an interesting mix of brown, red and black rice.
Brown sushi rice is a wholegrain rice that is a particularly healthy option.
The Classic Italian short grain rice.
Value-pack of Arborio rice. A plump white Italian rice for risotto.
Short grain white rice from Italy.
Fragrant Thai White Rice
Special Offer: Was: £3.95
RRP was: £3.76
Fragrant organic jasmine rice.
Special Offer: Was: £4.75
buy 3 or more for £7.27 each
Special Offer: Was: £8.75
Traditional basmati rice. Organic value pack
RRP was: £3.76
Arborio & Black Venus Rice Blend
Top quality Italian rice for brilliant risottos.
Bulk bag of Indian Type rice
Low-calorie rice with real rice texture

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Sussex Wholefoods (8)
Biona (5)
Mr Organic (4)
Clearspring (2)
Infinity Foods (1)
Eat Water (1)
Bulk (1)


Organic (20)
Gluten-Free (2)
Dairy-Free (11)
Vegan (17)

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