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Seaweed Flakes

RRP was: £2.28

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Product Recommendations

Clearspring Wakame Seaweed Sea Vegetable 50g
Organic Wild Harvested Dulse Seaweed Sea Vegetable 25g (Clearspring)
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Clearspring Nori Sea Vegetable Hoshi Sheets Untoasted/Folded 25g
Flax Seeds: GOLDEN, Organic [Gold Linseeds] 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
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Liquorice Roots 50g (Hampshire Foods)
Amisa Buckwheat Wholegrain Crispbread
Sea Salt Crispy Seaweed Thins 5g (Itsu)


Clearspring (3)
Mara Seaweed (1)
The Cornish Seaweed Company (1)
Sussex Wholefoods (1)


Organic (4)
Dairy-Free (3)
Vegan (6)

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