Savoury Ingredients


Savoury Ingredients


Sauces, Condiments & Dips

Range of condiments, cooking sauces, stocks, gravies, dips and more!
Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free & vegan options available.

Chilli Sauce & Chilli Oil

Chilli sauce, oil & paste
Relish, dips, dressings and seasonings made from medium to hot chillies and peppers. For Oriental, Mexican, Indian and many more cuisines.

Coconut Products

Coconut makes a creamy, sweet base to many Asian dishes. It is also great for frying as it has a high smoke point and is suitable for baking and dessert recipes.

Cous Cous

Wholegrain Granules makes Soft Fluffy Cous Cous
Cous cous is rather like granulated pasta. It is typically made from whole wheat and is cooked in boiled water or by steaming. It is a popular food in North Africa, pairing well with spices to make vegetable and meat dishes.

Curry Paste

Thai and Indian Curry Pastes
Curry pastes are one of the easiest ways to create quick and tasty curries. Simply combine with a liquid such as stock, coconut milk or tinned tomatoes to make the sauce and add your choice of meat/vegetables. Curry paste also makes a great marinade or sauce for basting.


Sauces, dips, olives, relishes, seafood products and other picnicky things.

Fish & Seafood

Selection of Fish, Seafood and Fish Seasonings
Sustainably sourced fish and seafood. Ready-to-eat squid, mussels, anchovies and more. Also includes Fish Sauce which is an essential stir-fry seasoning for many Asian and Oriental dishes.


Interesting & inspiring flours for baking and cooking
At Healthy Supplies, we hope to have provided you with a large range of exciting and useful flours for both sweet and savoury cooking and baking. Those of you who eat a gluten free diet should be pleased!

Galangal (Minced)

Ready-to-use, finely minced Galangal Root. Just add to your pan.

Garlic Paste

Quick & convenient blitzed garlic
Healthy Supplies offer you both Garlic paste and Garlic & Ginger paste. These handy jars are a great item for your fridge. Made with fresh garlic, the paste can be added quickly to meals without the fiddly peeling, chopping or grating.

Ginger Paste

Strong flavoured & tangy
Ginger paste is a very easy way of using and storing ginger. It can be added to any meal and it retains its strong ginger flavour within the jar. No need to scrape, peel and scrub just add a spoon or two to your savoury dishes.

Grains, Cereals & Flour

Pure and natural whole grains, flaked grains, puffed cereals, pure bran, germ and ground flours for cooking, baking and breakfast. We also have a large gluten free collection of grains and flours.


Instant Gravy Powder
Easy and conveniently quick to use gravy powder. If you use stock cubes and powder to make gravy, you might want to add a thickening agent such as corn flour or arrow root to thicken the sauce.

Herbs & Spices

Spice and herb packs
Indian, Oriental, Middle-Eastern and European herbs and spices from aniseed to zahtar!


A distinctive sauce made from Kelp & Soya sauce
  • Enhances the flavour of meats, stews, gravies. Can also be used in salad dressings, vegetable juices & on omelettes.
  • Free from glutamate, fat & cholesterol.

Meat Alternatives

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat including soya mince, tofu, soya chunks, tempeh and seitan.


Japanese pastes
Most people associate the term "Miso" with Miso Soup, but miso is used in Japan as a seasoning for a variety of purposes. Miso is typically made by fermenting various quantities of rice and soy, or rice and barley.


Various Noodles Enjoyed in Oriental Cuisine
Our selection of noodles include Udon, Soba and Rice noodles which partner perfectly with Japanese, Chinese & Indonesian dishes.


For cooking and flavouring
Frying, cooking and flavouring oils, essential oils and dressing oils. Including coconut oil, seed and nut oils, and olive oil.


Wholegrain and gluten-free pasta
Includes rice pasta, spelt pasta, bean pastas and pasta flour.

Pastes, Purees & Concentrates

Cooking pastes
Natural flavourings including convenient minced garlic paste, minced ginger paste and tamarind. Eliminates peeling and is very economical.

Pickles & Pickled Ingredients

Preserved food items
Foods pickled in vinegar, brine or salt. Typically used either as condiments or cooking ingredients.


A Global Staple Grain
Rice is used worldwide in so many types of cuisine. It's nature allows it to be made into various forms (such as flour and syrup) to create various outcomes (such as bread and pasta) as well as being enjoyed simply boiled whole. Rice is gluten free.

Salt & Pepper

Sea salt, Himalayan Salt, pepper, garlic pepper and peppercorns.

Seasonings, Pastes & Condiments

Salt, pepper, sauces, wasabi, stock, soy sauce, toppings and dips.

Seed Spreads

Pure and natural organic seed butters. Perfect for spreading on toast and having them on their own for a fantastic boost of protein and amino acids. Additionally, these can be used in cooking and baking too.

Sea & Salty Flavours

Flavour with natural ingredients to create Mediterranean dishes and tastes that compliment fish or seafood recipes

Smoky Flavourings

Natural Seasonings to create a smoked or barbecued taste
Single ingredients such as Porcini Powder as well as ready-to-use marinades and condiments.

Sprinkles & Toppings

Dry ingredients to finish any meal
Flakes and ground seasonings made from various ingredients. These include: Chilli flakes, yeast flakes, Gomasio ground sesame, Nori sprinkle and Furikake


Soups can be the basis of a healthy light lunch. We supply the unusual ones.

Stock & Bouillon

Add to Boiling Water
Stock cubes, powders and concentrated liquids for making gravy, soup and broth bases, curry bases, casserole bases and sauces.


Creamed Sesame Seeds
Tahini is a smooth paste made entirely from sesame. It is an essential ingredient for making hummus. It can also be enjoyed as a savoury spread on toast or crackers.


Tamarind concentrates & pastes
Tamarind adds a sharp, sour and lemony taste to curries and pickles. It is used mostly in Asian cuisine and is perfect infusing flavours in a strong vindaloo.


Cassava Starch Pearls and Flour
Tapioca is the starch that comes from cassava plant roots. It is a gluten free product and can be cooked into puddings, drinks and used as a thickening/binding flour agent.

Teriyaki Sauce

The popular Japanese seasoning - for chicken and fish stir-fries.


Sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and tomato puree products.


A rich, dark seasoning made with Shiitake Mushroom and Soy Sauce. This is a Japanese stock, ideal for making soups, dressings and dips.

Umami Flavourings

Umami is the fifth basic taste, and is the flavouring that makes meats, fish, bacon, marmite and tomatoes delicious.

Umeboshi Plums & Puree

Salt pickled plums
Umeboshi plums are a tart, tangy salt pickled plum. The plum paste can be added to salad dressings, dips and sushi fillings. We also sell the whole plums, the seasoning and the vinegar.


A range of vegetables including: peas, lentils, dried mushrooms, seaweed, beans, tomatoes, beetroot, soya and bell peppers.

Vinegar & Mirin

Sweet & Sour, Light & Dark
Interesting vinegars such as Balsamic, Cider vinegar, Brown Rice vinegar & White Wine vinegar. For multiple uses; making sauces and soups, splashing over hot food, to accompany cool cheeses and salads. There's more to vinegar than fish 'n' chips!


The hot Japanese condiment
Wasabi concentrates which have a heat like horse radish. This is a popular accompaniment to Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi and sushimi. To make the vibrant green wasabi paste, simply add a drop of water and mix until smooth.

Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract has a thick, smooth texture and a rich, distinctive flavour. We sell yeast extract that unlike Vegemite, contains no added salt and is free from preservatives.

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