Oil and Condiments

Seasonings, pastes, oils, vinegar and sauces to give your dish just what it needs. The products here can be incorporated into your cooking, and many others can be drizzled, sprinkled or splashed over a meal, for added flavour.


A range of flavoursome oils with multiple uses

Oils from around the globe. Some can be used for frying, whilst others drizzling over salads, meat and noodles. Some oils such as flax, can be mixed into meals for a boost of omega-3! We also offer a range of Culinary Grade Essential Oils, such as Peppermint, Orange & Lime. A few drops will transform the flavour of your cooking & baking.

Vinegar & Mirin

Sweet & Sour, Light & Dark

Interesting vinegars such as Balsamic, Cider vinegar, Brown Rice vinegar & White Wine vinegar. For multiple uses; making sauces and soups, splashing over hot food, to accompany cool cheeses and salads. There's more to vinegar than fish 'n' chips!

Salt & Pepper

The much loved basic seasonings

At Healthy Supplies, we offer a low sodium salt substitute, whole peppercorns and pepper. Salt and pepper are the perfect partners to give that final touch to your meal.

Sugars, Syrups & Honey

Syrups and fruit sugars.

A range of syrups and fruit sugars including xylitol ganules, manuka honey, date syrup, fructose, maple syrup and agave nectar.

Sauces & Dips

Sauces of Sorts - Cooking, Marinating, Dips & Dressings

A selection of pre-blended sauces suitable for use as the main sauce in cooking, to simply season a meal, to marinade meat or to dip breads and vegetables.

Pickled Ingredients

Preserved food items

Foods pickled in vinegar, brine or salt. Typically used either as condiments or cooking ingredients.


Wasabi concentrates.

Sprinkles & Toppings

Prepared dry seasonings to vamp up any meal.

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