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Red Velvet Truffles - Recipe

  • Dairy-free, Carob-based chocolate.
  • Sweetened naturally with fruit and nuts.
  • No cane sugar, no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Makes enough for around 18 truffles.


  Premium Carob Powder [Unroasted], Organic 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)
3 Tbsp Unroasted Carob Powder

  Organic Raw Cacao Butter 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
50g Cacao Butter

  Organic Ground Almonds 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
20g Ground Almonds

  Pecan Nuts 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
20g Pecan Halves

  Organic Sunflower Seeds (1kg) - Sussex WholeFoods
20g Sunflower Seeds

  Quinoa Flakes 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
20g Quinoa Flakes

  Organic Vanilla Pods, x6 Pods (Sussex Wholefoods)
1 Vanilla Pod i.e. all the seeds from inside.

  Maca Powder, Organic 100g (Superfoodies)
1 Tbsp Maca Powder

  Organic Medjool Dates (500g) - Sussex WholeFoods
4 Medjool Dates, with stone removed

  Freeze Dried Blackberry Powder 100g (Sussex Wholefoods)
3-4 Tbsp of Blackberry Powder, for coating.


  1. Roughly grate the Cacao Butter into a heat-proof bowl. This will make for quicker melting.
  2. Place the bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Ensure the water does not touch the base of the bowl. You do not need to put the pan on the hob.
  3. Stir in the seeds from the vanilla pods. Keep on top of the saucepan and set to one side.
  4. Make sure the pits/stones are removed from your Medjool Dates. Finely chop and squash into a paste with the back of a fork or use a food processor to create a rough paste. Set to one side.
  5. Using a coffee grinder or food processor grind the pecan nuts and sunflower seeds into a medium powder.
  6. Remove the bowl containing the Cacao-Vanilla melted mix from on top of the saucepan. Stir in the date paste.
  7. Then add the Carob Powder, Maca Powder, ground almonds, ground pecans and ground sunflower seeds. Combine thoroughly.
  8. The texture should be firm but malleable (workable).
  9. Sprinkle the Freeze-dried Blackberry Powder onto a flat tray.
  10. Using a 1 Tbsp measuring spoon, spoon out a tablespoons' worth of mixture at a time and roll between your palms to create a ball.
  11. Place each ball straight into the Blackberry Powder. You don't need coat them fully yet, however the cooling Cacao Butter will stick the balls to any surface without this powder barrier!
  12. When all the balls are rolled. Coat each one fully in Blackberry Powder. The truffles are ready to eat!
They can be stored in an airtight container for several days or in the fridge for a week or so.

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