Waldorf Salad Revisited

A healthier take on the American classic

This salad has a nutty, fresh flavour, making it ideal for Summer lunches and BBQs. There’s plenty to munch on and for this reason you should find this recipe both filling and satisfying. We didn’t add any oil or vinegar to this dish as we felt the apples and celery provided enough juiciness, but feel free to drizzle your favourite dressing before serving.

This amount will make enough for around 4 people as a side, or several lunches for 2.

Other Ingredients

1 large, sweet eating apple
1 large stalk of celery


  1.  Measure the rice and pour into a medium saucepan. Add enough boiling water to cover the rice and above by around and 3cm/1 inch. Bring to the boil with a lid on and simmer until tender – this took us around 25 minutes on a gas hob. This rice mix takes a little longer than polished white rice due to the outer husk remaining.
  2.  Meanwhile, wash and chop the apple and celery into bite-sized chunks.
  3.  Place the walnut halves into a freezer/sandwich bag. Hold the bag closed, and using the back of a rolling pin, crush the walnut halves into smaller pieces. Alternatively, if you have the time and strength, crush the walnuts between your thumb and fingers!
  4.  Put the walnuts, celery and apple into a salad bowl/serving dish. You can add a pinch of salt and pepper if you wish. Then add a few generous shakes of lemon juice (approx. 1-4tsp) and give it a good stir. Pop into the fridge while the rice cools.
  5.  Once cooked, let the rice cool before mixing in the fresh ingredients. Then serve.