Tropical Smoothie

  • This tropical smoothie is made from coconut water, fresh papaya and banana.
  • White chia seeds add thickness and make the smoothie more filling.

White Chia Seeds 450g (Raw Health)

½ tsp white chia seeds. They add thickness to the smoothie, and make it more filling.

Coconut Water 330ml (Vita Coco)

A cupful of pure coconut water.

Lemon Juice 250ml (Sunita)

2 or 3 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice will help to preserve the colour of this smoothie (otherwise the papaya goes dark), and add tanginess to the smoothie, which nicely offsets the sweetness of the coconut and fruit.

Other Ingredients


    1. Pour the coconut water into a blender.
    2. Add the papaya and banana.
    3. Blend thorougly for about 20 seconds.
    4. Add the chia seeds and lemon juice.
    5. Blend for a further 10 seconds.
    6. Serve chilled.