Simple Satay Sauce

Super-quick satay sauce with no added oil. This recipe is so easy there’s really no excuse to continue buying a ready-made sauce. The sauce can be used to coat meat, vegetables, Quorn or Tofu. You can also stir it straight into the sauté pan half-way through stir-frying.The Ketchup is probably the most ‘naughty’ ingredient in this sauce. However, you can always substitute with tomato puree, just add a little extra water to the mix. This recipe doesn’t require any extra oil as the natural oils in the peanut butter are sufficient to keep the meat/quorn moist. This sauce is sufficient to cover 600g of chicken, which makes around eight medium sized kebabs.

Other Ingredients

50ml hot water from the kettle


  1.  Spoon out the peanut butter into a small mixing bowl. Add the Chinese Five Spice and Cayenne Pepper and stir.
  2.  Add the lemon juice, ketchup and hot water. Stir into a smooth, loose paste. Add a more water if required.
  3. Using wet hands coat your chosen meat, Quorn or Tofu and cook immediately.