Jungle Dance Smoothie

  • The perfect post-exercise recovery drink
  • Dairy-free with a sweet nutty flavour.
  • No added sugar!
  • Contains Rice Protein instead of Whey Protein.
  • Makes enough for 2 large glasses.

Rice Protein Powder, 100g Organic (Sussex Wholefoods)

2 Tbsp of Rice Protein Powder. As the name suggests, this is full of protein! It also adds thickness to the smoothie.

Rice Drink with Calcium 1 Litre (Rice Dream)

400ml Rice Milk. A dairy-free milk alternative, this is free from added sugar, but has the natural sweetness of the rice.

Smooth Cashew Nut Butter 1kg (Meridian)

2 Tbsp Cashew Butter. This adds thickness and protein to the smoothie, as well as beneficial fats from the nut. It is sugar-free but still has a slight natural sweetness.

Lucuma Powder, Organic 100g (Superfoodies)

1 tsp Lucuma Powder. Lucuma is a tasty flavouring with a biscuity taste!

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (100g) - Sussex Wholefoods

¼ tsp Cinnamon Powder. A dash of cinnamon will lift the drink and add a hint of natural sweetness.

White Chia Seeds 450g (Raw Health)

2-4 tsp of White Chia Seeds to garnish. Chia seeds are filling, and when added to smoothies, will make you feel fuller.

Red Reviver Smoothie - Recipe

With raspberry, beetroot juice, acai and bee pollen.

Other Ingredients

  • One medium-large sized banana.


  1. Pour the Rice Milk into the liquidiser. Add banana and pulse several times until the banana has been pulped. Then add the remainder of the ingredients apart from the Chia Seed.
  2. Continue to blend for up to a minute or until the mixture is frothy.
  3. Pour into chilled glasses and garnish with the White Chia Seeds then serve. Halve the recipe if making this smoothie just for one person.