Hazelnut Dairy-Free Ice Cream

This delicately flavoured pure hazelnut ice cream uses rice milk instead of dairy, and is a super-tasty treat for the whole family!

Rice Dream Organic Rice Drink 1 Litre

2 cups of rice milk + a splash for the sauce

Vanilla Paste 100ml (LittlePod)

½ tsp vanilla paste

Organic Roasted Hazelnuts 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)

Roasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped, to sprinkle

Other Ingredients


    1) Add the Hazelnut Butter, Coconut Sugar, Xanthan Gum and Vanilla to the rice milk.
    2) Whisk to create some air bubbles and pop it in the freezer for an hour.
    3) Remove from the freezer, whisk again and place back into the freezer for a further two hours (if you have time, you can repeat this for a third time).
    4) To store, place a piece of greaseproof paper on the top to prevent ice crystals from forming.
    5) To make the topping: Mix together 2 tbsp each of of hazelnut butter, cocoa powder and coconut sugar with a splash of rice milk (to thin the sauce).
    6) Sprinkle chopped roasted hazelnuts on top and enjoy!