Berry Booster Smoothie

Boost your day with this berry delightful drink!
This berrylicious smoothie is packed to bursting with nutrients and vitamins, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, electrolytes and protein. It is low in calories and full of antioxidants.

A delicious way to get some of your five-a-day!

What’s in it? This smoothie is so simple to make but so efficient in how it helps boost your immune system with all its minerals and vitamins! Packed with fruity flavours this shake includes strawberries, blueberries, grapes, cherries and bananas. Blended to perfection with Almond Milk and Coconut Water, it is both nutritious and hydrating. The sharp tang of the cherry active is complemented by the sweetness of the strawberries and grapes.

Other Ingredients

1 Banana Frozen
10 Grapes Frozen


Blend the ingredients together and serve immediately. Serves two.