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Oil, Vinegar & Soy Sauce



A range of flavoursome oils with multiple uses
Oils from around the globe. Some can be used for frying, whilst others drizzling over salads, meat and noodles. Some oils such as flax, can be mixed into meals for a boost of omega-3! We also offer a range of Culinary Grade Essential Oils, such as Peppermint, Orange & Lime. A few drops will transform the flavour of your cooking & baking.

Vinegar & Mirin

Sweet & Sour, Light & Dark
Interesting vinegars such as Balsamic, Cider vinegar, Brown Rice vinegar & White Wine vinegar. For multiple uses; making sauces and soups, splashing over hot food, to accompany cool cheeses and salads. There's more to vinegar than fish 'n' chips!

Soy Sauces

The Oriental Favourite for Dipping & Drizzling
Soy sauce and teriyaki sauce can be added during cooking or drizzled over food after its been cooked. They have a distinct sweet & slightly salted flavour. We offer low sodium soy sauce, gluten free (Tamari) soy sauce.

Chilli Sauce & Chilli Oil

Spicy Sauces for Adding Heat to Any Meal
Relish, dips, dressings and seasonings made from medium to hot chillies and peppers. Perfect for barbeque flavours, Oriental sweet chilli dips and Mexican peri peri flavours.

Other Bottled Dressings

Deliciously sweet & peppery
  • Use to cook with or to season a finished dish.
  • A tangy blend of Soy Sauce, Corn Malt Syrup, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic, Apple Juice & Pepper.
Special Offer: Was: £2.35
Authentic, simple Thai Fish Sauce
Fish sauce can be used in many Oriental dishes. Add whilst cooking or use as a dip.
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Organic (69)
Gluten-Free (9)
Dairy-Free (37)
Vegan (62)

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