Miso Paste 

Miso paste can be diluted with water to make miso soup. It can also be added to stir-fries for that authentic Japanese flavour. These miso pouches are long-life pouches that make many servings (usually at least 30 servings per pouch).
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Miso made from barley and soy. Use to make miso soup or use in stir fries, ramen and many more uses. Long-life pouch.
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Miso made from brown rice and soy. Slightly sweeter than barley miso. For making miso soup or as a seasoning in stir-fries. Also used in ramen. Long-life pouch.
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Dark miso made from soy beans. Use to make miso soup or in stir fries or ramen. A popular and highly regarded miso. Long-life pouch.
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A very light miso for use in soups, salads and dips. Long-life pouch.
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Natural food flavouring.
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Natural food flavouring.
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This Hatcho Miso, made from soya beans, is a dark, savoury miso.
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Organic Barley Miso paste.
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Miso Paste
Barley Miso [Mugi Miso], Organic 300g (Clearspring)
Brown Rice Miso, Organic 300g (Clearspring)
Soy Bean Miso [Hatcho], Organic 300g (Clearspring)
Sweet White Miso, Organic 250g (Clearspring)
Umami Paste with Chilli, Organic 150g (Clearspring)
Umami Paste with Ginger, Organic 150g (Clearspring)
Brown Rice Miso (Genmai Miso) 345g (Sanchi)
Soya Hatcho Miso 345g (Sanchi)
Barley Miso (Mugi Miso) Organic 200g (Sanchi)
Genmai Miso, Organic 200g (Sanchi)
Miso Soup
Clearspring Instant Miso Soup 4 x 10g
Clearspring Miso Soup Mellow White + Tofu 40g
Clearspring Miso Soup Hearty Red + Sea Veg 40g
Miso Soup 60g - Edamame Soy Bean (King Soba Mighty Miso, Organic)
Miso Soup 60g - Pumpkin & Vegetable (King Soba Mighty Miso, Organic)
Miso Soup 60g - Tofu & Ginger (King Soba Mighty Miso, Organic)
Vegetarian Instant Miso Soup 3x25g (Itsu)
Instant Miso Soup 3x25g (Itsu)


Clearspring (6)
Sanchi (3)
Hatcho (1)


Organic (8)
Dairy-Free (7)
Vegan (10)

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