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Kids Lunchbox Snacks

We've got a huge range of snacks perfect for the kid's lunchboxes. We've only selected products here without nuts to satisfy any school's restrictions.
New Product!
New Product!
Soft, pure fruit bar. Lunchbox friendly.

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This product is temporarily out of stock.

Soft, pure fruit bar. Lunchbox friendly.

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Biona (14)
Bear (6)
Organix (5)
Frutina (4)
Perry Court Farm (3)
UFC (2)
Vita Coco (2)
Clearspring (1)
Cocofina (1)
Aqua Coco (1)
Chi (1)
Tiana (1)
Dr Antonio Martins (1)


Organic (22)
Gluten-Free (10)
Dairy-Free (23)
Vegan (34)

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