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Organic Hibiscus Flowers 1kg (Bulk)

£18.75    Product Code: 8HIB1
Special Offer: Was: £19.95

Dried Hibiscus Flower Petals

  • Organic hibiscus flowers.
  • 1kg pack.
  • Makes a soothing infusion.
  • Tangy, fruity flavours.
  • Used in drinks and jellies.
These hibiscus flower petals come from the Roselle plant which is a species of hibiscus which looks like a scruffy shrub and not like the exotic flowers we may see on holiday!

Nevertheless this plants produces flavoursome flowers that have been brewed into a vibrant, refreshing tea for centuries in North Africa.The flavour of hibiscus is complimented and enhanced by the inclusion of rose hip when making a herbal tea.

An infusion of hibiscus flowers adds flavour to jam, jelly and desserts such as Granita. Spices such Ginger, Allspice and Cinnamon all work well with hibiscus.

Directions for a basic infusion

  1. Use recently boiled water.
  2. Spoon 1-2 teaspoons per person in a teapot or mug.
  3. Allow to brew for 3-4 minutes before removing the petals.
  4. Add honey or other sweet syrup to taste if you wish.

Smaller Size

  Organic Hibiscus Flowers 50g (Sussex Wholefoods)
Smaller size of this product.


100% Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers. For more information on our ingredients policy please see here


Special Offer: Was: £19.95

Price: £18.75
Product Code: 8HIB1

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