Lemon peel is used to infuse flavour into sauces,<br>
drinks and desserts.
Lemon peel is used to infuse flavour into sauces,
drinks and desserts.

Lemon Peel, Large 50g (Hampshire Foods)

Chopped Dried Lemon Peel - Large Pieces

  • Suitable for flavouring dishes and drinks.
  • Blend a little with loose black tea for a true lemon tea.
  • No wax or additives.
  • Coarsely chopped.
Lemon peel is great for flavouring sauces, ice cream and spiced drinks such as warm mulled wine.

If you are using in cooking, you can soak the peel in water to soften, or blend into a powder.


This lemon peel is great for adding to mulled wine - simply add whole to the saucepan of wine, together with the other spices.

To use this lemon peel in baking, the flavours will come out better if you blend the peel into a fine powder. Simply place in a blender and process into a fine powder, or alternatively grind the lemon peel in a mortar and pestle. Then add the powder to cakes and sauces.

Add lemon peel to hot tea for an extra-refreshing brew!

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Lemon Peel (Produce of Spain). For more information on our ingredients policy please see here

Vegetarian, Vegan.

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