Create Your Own Smoothie

1. Start With a Base
2. Add 1-2 Portions of Fruit
3. Add Some Greens
4. Thicken It Up
5. Choose Your Flavouring
6. Top Off With a Nutritional Boost

4.Thicken it up

Organic Coconut Flour, Gluten Free 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Special Offer: Was: 4.25
Gluten-free coconut flour. 1kg bag
  • Suitable for all baking and cooking.
  • Can also be stirred into milkshakes and smoothies.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Organic.
  • 1kg bulk bag.
Oat Flour 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Special Offer! Was: 3.99
Large Bag of Oat Flour
Ideal for cooking, baking and making protein shakes.
Organic Jumbo Oats 2kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Special Offer: Was: 5.49
A large value bag of Organic Jumbo Oats
Great in baking recipes, for flap jacks and chunky porridge.
Organic Oat Bran 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)
Special offer! Was: 4.45
A large bag of organic oatbran
100% pure oat bran, for added fibre to the diet. Excellent value organic oat bran, for those who eat oat bran on a regular basis.

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