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Does Healthy Supplies have a newsletter?

Yes indeed we do! We have a regular newsletter full of interesting food information, the latest ingredient-based news, recipe ideas and snacky facts!

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Alternatively, there is a tickbox at the checkout where you can select "yes" to receive our newsletters. If you no longer want to receive them, you can simply unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of one of our newsletter emails.

You can rest assured that we absolutely do not forward customer email addresses on to any other company. We do not "spam" or bombard our customers with ongoing "offers", because we think that's just annoying. Instead, we hope that our regular newsletter is an informative, enjoyable and inspiring read.

We also have a Facebook page...

The Healthy Supplies Facebook Page is now live... we would be most grateful if you became a fan, and you're welcome to post comments, reviews, recipe ideas and other thoughts:

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