Healthier Chocolate Bars


Raw Chocolate

Cocoa (cacao) is known for its nutritional benefits, particularly with regards to the catechins that it contains, which are a powerful group of antioxidants. It is believed that these antioxidants are best retained when the chocolate is not cooked. Hence, raw chocolate is not heated to above 42°C. Popular Raw Chocolate brands include: Ombars, Raw Health and The Raw Chocolate Co..

High Cocoa, Organic Green & Blacks Chocolate

Green & Black's chocolate is high in cocoa and lower in sugar than most chocolate. It is a quality brand, which is why we offer it at Healthy Supplies.

Green and Blacks ingredients are from organic farming and support fair trade where possible. We offer the full Green and Blacks range, including the original 70% Cocoa, the warming Maya Gold and the super dark 85% Cocoa bar.

Carob Bars

Siesta Carob Bars are made from carob instead of cocoa. Carob makes for a different taste to chocolate and unlike chocolate, carob is caffeine-free.

Our choice of carob products includes the Siesta Carob bar range and Gourmet Raw Brownie bars.


Chocolate Snack Bars

At Healthy Supplies, we sell lots of tasty snacks that contain a hint of cocoa. For all of you chocolate fans, we've grouped them all together for your browsing pleasure!

Various snack bars in the Nakd range, the Trek range, Pulsin' range and Gourmet Raw range contain natural fruits, nuts oats, no additives and of course cocoa (or cacao).

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